Remember a few years ago when a copy of Action Comics #1, owned by Nicolas Cage, was sold for $2.16 million? Well, there is a new record, since a few hours ago, when another copy of the same comic, was sold on eBay for $3.2 million.
The things people do for their comics, are sometimes unbelievable. Before I go into that, let me tell you its owners history -short version - : Original owner bought it in 1938 and kept it in a cedar box, according to ComicBookResources, for 4 decades, then was bought by a local dealer in West Virginia, then another person who held it for like 30 years and several years ago Darren Adams bought it at a private sale.
One of the owners held it in a cedar box, the last one locked it in a vault, while controlling the temperature. I mean, wow, the things some do for their comics. Anyway, apparently this is the finest one of its kind and for now on it helds the record - The first comic sold at more than $3 million at an auction.