I'm sure you all know her, she's one of the most popular cosplayers in the world: Nicole Marie Jean.

And she looks sexy in almost anything she'd wear, but even sexier with a Jack of all Trades T-shirt. She just posted a pic on her Facebook page, wearing our Batman Jumbo Logo Football Jersey stating "I've always been more of a Marvel girl, but Batman has been a favorite comic book character of mine since I was little. Nearly half of my closet is Batman apparel! ;D"

She's a very busy girl working on several projects, one of them is a kickstarter project :

MUCK: Horror Films for Horror Fans.

They already have $198,436 worth of pledges with 7 more days to go. The goal is $250,000 so go and support the project, they are worth it.

And by the way, she's a great actress, check out the video with her and LeeAnna Vamp below.