Dredd 3D Movie Review


Greetings, Jack here with our first movie review. The new Dredd 3D movie came out today on Bluray/DVD and while the film received great reviews from critics and fans, it failed miserably at the box office grossing only $13,414,717 domestically and $17,517,232 overseas, for a total of $30,931,946 worldwide. With numbers like that, the chances of seeing a sequel to Dredd 3D is unlikely. Being a huge comic book geek, I must admit that I have never really read any of the Judge Dredd comics from the UK’s 2000 AD Comics magazine, except for a Bat Man/Dredd crossover that happened in ’91, which I enjoy to this day, so I will not be comparing it to the comic books. I will however be looking into them now after seeing how cool and ruthless Karl Urban’s take on the iconic British character. He just makes him seem so badass, that it oozes from the screen. Read More...

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