Peter Travis’ Dredd didn’t create a boom at the box office despite a stellar cast. But, that didn’t stop Dredd fans from snatching up 650,000 DVD copies of the film since its January 8th release. This comes as no surprise to true Dredd fans that can’t get enough of the film’s intense plot.

Dredd is set in an upside down metropolis where criminals rule the streets. Cracking down on crime are the “Judges” who act as both law enforcement and judge – handing down execution sentences like they’re going out of style.

The most feared judge of all is Judge Dredd whose mission during this film is to train psychic Cassandra Anderson while tracking down drug lord “Ma-Ma.” The film is every bit as gritty as you want it to be while staying true to John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s original vision.

Travis lined up a star-studded cast for the film including Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey and Juno’s Olivia Thirlby. Dredd managed to snag the title of “best-selling new release of the year” and claimed the top new release spot for seven days straight – outselling Tim Burton’s popular Frankenweenie (digital sales included).

The 3D Blu-ray also contains an in-depth look at 35-years of Judge Dredd and behind-the-scenes clips from the film. Judge Dredd has come a long way from its late 1970s beginning, but still manages to entice fans die-hard fans. The film is available through major DVD retailers both on and offline – of course, Jacks has the best selection of Dredd t-shirts to go along with your new DVD purchase! Want more details of the dredd movie? Visit the YouDunnoJack Moview Review Blog