Ben Kingsley has turned evil. Really evil. Kingsley will play The Mandarin in the upcoming Iron Man III movie, and Jack wants to celebrate his newfound darker side. We’ve created an extremely limited edition design depicting the fall of Iron Man in the face of Mandarin.

Our ‘Iron Man VS. The Mandarin’ t-shirt is a one-of-a-kind Jack homage to the upcoming film – and to the brand-new Super Bowl preview that will be shown this coming Sunday. We think this is perfect timing too, since the Ravens are known to be the bad boys of football! We’re betting The Mandarin will be decked out in black and gold this Sunday!

And in the spirit of mayhem, we’ve also decided to place these t-shirts on sale for a limited time only. We love Kingsley’s good side, but bad is so much better! We’ve only printed 2,500 of these t-shirts -- snag ‘em while you can! Click Here to order now!