Montreal-based Jack of All Trades Clothing created a crazy warehouse Harlem Shake video this past weekend. The video, now on YouTube, features the JOAT team packing, boxing, and shaking – but that’s not all. Taking the Harlem Shake one step further, the JOAT team donned superhero masks, costumes, and props to make sure that their Shake stayed one step ahead of the rest.

In this Harlem Shake video, shakers are packing boxes with t-shirts like any other day until things get a little crazy…viewers will see Darth Vader leading the pack, a skeletal girl riding a lightsaber, a pint-sized Superman, a shaker dressed in a Mexican poncho and hat, a witch, some cat ears, and – to top it all off – a quick fly-by ends the video on a fast note.

There are lots of Harlem Shakes happening around the globe, but this one takes the cake. It’s not every day a t-shirt company turns to dancing to pass the time. It’s clear that the JOAT team put a great deal of effort into this film, though the whole thing seems effortless! The Harlem Shake started back in 1981, but impromptu dance teams like the one at JOAT are taking the Shake to new heights.

The JOAT Harlem Shake video lasts approximately 31 seconds, and is a great way to add some laughter to your day. Check out the newly released Jack of All Trades Clothing Harlem Shake video here!