Are you a hard-core Bowie fan? At 66-years old, Bowie still rocks! His latest album ‘The Next Day’ has just been released more than a decade since his last release. Critics are calling ‘The Next Day’ “dizzying,” “elegant,” and “intimate.” In other words, Bowie’s still got it. 

In order to commemorate this collection of recent Bowie tunes, Jack has decided to drop the price of our limited edition ‘The Next Day’ PREMIUM t-shirt from $45 to $20! In case you haven’t had a chance to snag one of our premium shirts yet, here’s what you can expect: a t-shirt softer than silk. 

Seriously, we think that our premium shirts should come with a warning sign – they’re that soft! We usually sell these shirts for $45+, but every once in awhile Jack’s good mood gets the better of him (and that’s when you should take advantage of premium sales!).

From this Wednesday until Friday (March 13th -15th), you can grab our David Bowie ‘The Next Day’ Premium t-shirt for $20. Alright, I won’t say it again. But, seriously, it’s silly not to take advantage of this sale if you are a Bowie fan! Keep in mind that this deal only lasts until the tees run out…and that could be very quickly!