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Batman Eternal 7 - The End - The Incomplete Story 0

This is the final episode in Comicstorian's coverage of Batman Eternal. Find out what happens to Batman and Gotham, does it fall to the ground, or can Batman save the day?


Batman Eternal 6 - Red Robin - The Incomplete Story 1

When we last left off, Batman had lost it all...and he thought Hush was behind the entire plot. Turns out, it wasn't him. Who is crazy enough to try to destroy Batman, Gordon and all of Gotham?

Watch and find out in this episode of Batman Eternal! (spoiler alert: It's not the Joker!) 

Be sure to catch the special promo code for our Joker collection in this episode! 


Batman Eternal - Episode 4 - Hush - The Incomplete Story 0

Benny from Comicstorian presents us with Batman Eternal, the breakdown. 

What will happen now that Hush is involved, Jason Bard is working against everyone, and the architect is free on Gotham to burn it down? Find it out in this episode of The Incomplete Story - Batman Eternal. 


Batman Eternal - Batgirl and Red Hood - The Incomplete Story 0

Can BatGirl trust Batman? Will Red Hood help her find the person framing her father? Find out what happens in the breakdown of Batman Eternal - The Incomplete Story, Episode 3 by our friend Benny from Comicstorian.

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