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Avengers Made First Comic Book Debut 52 Years Ago 0

In September 1963, the superhero squad known as the Avengers made their very first comic book debut (The Avengers #1). The comics were, of course, created by the infamous Stan Lee, and were inspired by DC Comics' Justice League. Below is the comic's first cover "The Earth's Mightiest Super-Heroes - The Avengers"

The original cast of characters featured Hank Pym (Ant Mant), Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. Captain America only made his first appearance in issue #4 of the comic.

In 52 years, the Avengers have truly become a household name from comic books to feature films, action figures, and clothing, they really are the "Earth's Mightiest Superheroes"!

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Batman Eternal - Batgirl and Red Hood - The Incomplete Story 0

Can BatGirl trust Batman? Will Red Hood help her find the person framing her father? Find out what happens in the breakdown of Batman Eternal - The Incomplete Story, Episode 3 by our friend Benny from Comicstorian.

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Variant Comics Presents: Top 10 Superhero Theme Songs 0

I don't know about you, but we always have a song stuck in our heads. It is usually some catchy tune, and often superhero or TV related.

Watch Arris from Variant Comics present his Top 10 List of Superhero Theme Songs. 

Warning: these songs will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day!