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Batman Limited Edition Stamps To Be Soon Available! 0

Remember this scene below?

I bet you'd have done anything to be in Catwoman's place.. or not. But if you have, soon you can lick Batman too. How do I know that? Well not everybody knows, but U.S. Postal Service released eight kickass Batman Limited Edition Stamps that you can now pre-order.

Now is your chance to actually lick Batman as Catwoman did in 1992's Batman Returns. The U.S Postal Service released the stamps in order to commemorate 75 Years of Batman and featuring different forms of the caped crusader. The stamps are described as the: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age.

The other four designs will feature four versions of Baman's logo:

The eight Batman stamp will be available on October 9 at the New York Comic Con. The stamps will be distributed by the U.S PostalĀ  Service along with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Stay tuned and get your stamps!

8 Great Actors Very Likely to Be the Next Batman 0

More than a few we're revolted by the idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Be prepared for what's next: a few more actors are set to make an attempt on Batman's role in the near future.

The guys from Animation Domination created the video to encourage us a little bit..or not. The video features great actors such as: Matthew McConaughey, Mark Wahlberg and Owen Wilson. This is meant to get your hopes up and think about the future of the caped crusader.

Before I ask you who do you think is the best fit for Batman's role here's a piece of advice: let's let the time decide for us. Already pre-disgusted by Ben Affleck playing Batman? You all know you're going to the movie just to see if you were right or not.

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