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First GHOSTBUSTERS teaser and trailer release date 0

Yesterday, Sony Pictures Entertainment finally revealed the big date of the trailer... So, the trailer for the trailer. Still cool.

The trailer is set to be released March 3.

Batman Eternal - Episode 4 - Hush - The Incomplete Story 0

Benny from Comicstorian presents us with Batman Eternal, the breakdown. 

What will happen now that Hush is involved, Jason Bard is working against everyone, and the architect is free on Gotham to burn it down? Find it out in this episode of The Incomplete Story - Batman Eternal. 


ComicBooked.Com - Spotlight on Jack of All Trades 0

Thank you to Colin Bass for the article below who provided a thoughtful insight into our company and what we stand for!

As we all know, there are a lot of T-shirt companies online just by looking through your news feed. I decided to do a spotlight on Jack of All Trades because after personal experience as a customer and as an interviewer, I have realized they’re way more than just a clothing company.

After you check out some one of a kind clothing, please enjoy a quote from the CEO Allan Goldberg on what separates Jack of All Trades (JOAT) from other clothing companies.


“This company is about community and what I have built and continue to do so is that I want all to benefit that are involved and in turn I want to do for others as much as we can. That is why we make our products as close to home as possible supporting as many local economies as possible with the standard in quality that surpasses everyone’s expectations. It has to be good enough for me and all my friends and family to wear and be proud to do so…” -CEO Allan Goldberg.

On top of the quality clothing, JOAT also donates to numerous charities, such as; The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.



Written by: Colin Bass (ComicBooked.Com)