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Variant Cover for Death of Wolverine released! 0

Marvel's just released Variant Cover for Death of Wolverine #4. Artist Greg Land and colorist Frank D’Armata.

Marvel said: "So we wanted to commemorate his end with one final image that speaks to every era of Wolverine. Greg Land did an amazing job of capturing each of the many faces of Logan – from his first appearance to the Weapon X program days and more".

The comic book arrives on stands on Wednesday, October 15th.

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Who is the NEW Captain America? 0

There is a saying in the comic book industry and it goes like this: "You don't want to miss out on the epic Issue Name". That goes without saying when it comes to the oversized CAPTAIN AMERICA #25. And why would you?

Question of the day? Who is the NEW Captain America?
Release date: October 1st, 2014
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story by: Rick Remender

Jack of all Trades Front and Center at The Bay 0

This is how we roll! Great set up at Canada’s best specialty department store The Bay! To quote the buyer after he saw these store pictures this morning his reaction was “Wow! This Looks Amazing!!!” I can only thank the wonderful people at The Bay that take care of this sort of thing that are called Chief Marketing, that’s their title on their cards! Now the only thing that will make us even look better is when you, our friends and appreciators of Jack of all Trades, wear our product! We have done something very special almost exclusively with The Bay. Each T-shirt in the rack is individually packaged and each package contains an amazing Jack of all Trades T-shirt as well as a collector’s art board enclosed. There are a few different ones to collect, so get down to the stores before they are gone and collect all of them!


History of the most iconic deaths in comic books! 0

There were a lot of deaths in the comic book history that had a major impact among their readers. This week, Marvel strikes again with Death of Wolverine, which, as the title says, is anticipated to end with the death of one of the most popular hero.

The list I'm about to share includes, not all deaths in comics, but the most iconic ones. And I think you guess which one is our number one, am I right?

Thomas and Martha Wayne, parents of Bruce Wayne, who will eventually become Batman. - Detective Comics #33

Ben Parker, uncle of Petter Parker, who will eventually become Spiderman. - Amazing Fantasy #15

Superman - Superman (vol.2 ) #75

Bucky Barnes - childhood friend of Captain America- Avengers #4

Jean Grey - X-Men #137


This is going to shock you - Did you know that Marvel Comics almost never existed? 0

If Martin Goodman, the man that launched the company that would later become Marvel Comics, would have stuck with his original traveling plans in 1927, Marvel would have never existed. That year Martin was on his honeymoon in Europe with his wife.

For the return in the US, Martin had plans to ride the exciting new Hinderburg airship, but he was late to buy tickets and we couldn't get 2 seats next to each other, so he and his wife took a plane instead. The crazy thing is, the Hindenburg airship crashed killing 35 people on board. Martin Goodman however made it back from his honeymoon and went on to found Timely Comics later that year, which became Atlas Comics in 1951 and finally Marvel Comics in 1961.

Source: Variant Comics


All that being said, thank God Martin didn't get on the Hidenburg.

Our lives are so much better now that Marvel Comics do exist. But, for the sake of the subject, what would you have done IF they would have never existed?