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Axel Alonso - editor in chief at Marvel - explains everything about Spider Woman #1 cover! 0

Milo Manara's Spider Woman #1 cover is still getting negative reviews and this keeps on going for 2 weeks now. Axel Alonso took an interview 2 days ago with the guys from Comic Book Resources, talked about the variant cover and apologized for the mixed message it sent. That doesn't mean that he won't do more Milo Manara's variants, due to his huge fan base and how of a good artist he makes.

Here's how Axel explains in more detail the cover:

"It's a limited edition variant that is aimed at collectors. While we would not have published this as the main cover to the book, we were comfortable publishing this as a variant that represented one artist's vision of the character[...]".

Here's the good news for those who were "sensitive" about it: It is not the official cover for the issue.

" It is a collector's item that is set aside or special ordered by completists -- and it doesn't reflect the sensibility or tone of the series any more than the Skottie Young variant or Rocket and Groot "Spider-Woman" variants.[...]"

The thing is that all that scandal about the cover happened when he was away in Korea. Axel states the fact that they are not perfect and they are doing the best job they can. Also the industry is not only about male superheroes, therefore these kind of discussions will be brought up from time to time by fans.

So don't make such a big deal about it, it's just a limited edition cover.


NEWS: A new Spider Woman comic cover released that creates controversies! 0

Spider-Woman #1 was announced last month at the Comic-Con in San Diego.

Milo Manara, known for his "erotic illustrations", revealed his cover to Comic Book Resources, roughly a week ago and since then everybody's talking about it. Here's what others are saying:

io9 said: "She looks like she's wearing body-paint, and that's a big no-no for an industry still trying to remember that women exist and may perhaps read comics and also don't want to feel completely gross when they do so. As for the position she's in … Christ … Here's a simple rule: If it's inappropriate for a male character, it should also be inappropriate for a female character."

Comicbookgrrrl said: "women do love superhero comics, and we even love a bit of cheesecake here and there, but this cover and the lack of thinking behind it is a prime example of why people continue to think superhero comics are for horny men only".

Bleeding Cool said: "Remember folks, this was the comic that was launched at the Women Of Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic Con. It's almost as if Marvel are doing this on purpose now."

The Mary Sue said: "anyone familiar with pornography knows this pose … ripped straight from the fantasy medium".

Source: The Guardian


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