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Batman Limited Edition Stamps To Be Soon Available! 0

Remember this scene below?

I bet you'd have done anything to be in Catwoman's place.. or not. But if you have, soon you can lick Batman too. How do I know that? Well not everybody knows, but U.S. Postal Service released eight kickass Batman Limited Edition Stamps that you can now pre-order.

Now is your chance to actually lick Batman as Catwoman did in 1992's Batman Returns. The U.S Postal Service released the stamps in order to commemorate 75 Years of Batman and featuring different forms of the caped crusader. The stamps are described as the: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age.

The other four designs will feature four versions of Baman's logo:

The eight Batman stamp will be available on October 9 at the New York Comic Con. The stamps will be distributed by the U.S Postal  Service along with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Stay tuned and get your stamps!

Great Day to Shoot Jack of all Trades 0

Just a cool teaser shot from yesterday's WestCoast photoshoot. Thanks goes out to @filmWERXStudios and @Aadiecolor for their great talents! We look to make Pop Culture cooler than it already is by giving our twist on the greatest Comic Book Superheroes from Batman, Superman, The Joker, and all your other favourites. We also rock it with great images of Hendrix and Bowie and our newest trend design collection HEADTURNER by Jack of all Trades.

Battle of the Superhero Collection 0

We have 4 entries, each with amazing Superhero Collections competing for the prize and to be crowned best Superhero Collection King! You be the one to vote which collection is best! For doing so you may be one of the three lucky winners that will receive 40$ in Jacks Bucks! Check out their collection and vote now! Voting ends October 1st, 2013!

My Boyfriends' Tees Look Better on Me! 0


We Just Released a New Look Book Video with Exciting Pictures of Some Great Looking Girls having Fun in Our Jack of all Trades T-shirts. You Can View It Yourself and Let Us Know What You Think. We are Always Trying to be "A Cut Above the Rest" and We Hope You Our Friends are Liking What We Do as We Love What We Do!