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Montreal-Heavy Metal Band ENDAST wearing Jack of all Trades! 0

With the strength and the spirit of the underground, ENDAST have been delivering true Canadian Heavy Metal since 2004. They've became more than just a name for Montreal and guess what: they absolutely love Jack's T-shirts.

There are so many things we have in common: we both are known for delivering with passion, we like heavy metal, they play it, we make awesome t-shirts, they wear them.

Endast just released their new album THRIVE and have an upcoming Canadian Tour and European Summer Tour. One true fan cannot resist attending their approaching events, so make sure you stay updated here!Enough talking, let's see them in action! Here's ENDAST rocking Jack's T-shirts. Share the love!

Many thanks to the photographer Pierre Bourgault for beautifully captioning these moments.


My Boyfriends' Tees Look Better on Me! 0


We Just Released a New Look Book Video with Exciting Pictures of Some Great Looking Girls having Fun in Our Jack of all Trades T-shirts. You Can View It Yourself and Let Us Know What You Think. We are Always Trying to be "A Cut Above the Rest" and We Hope You Our Friends are Liking What We Do as We Love What We Do!   

Custom Cuts: Better Than Boyfriend Tees 0

First, there were boyfriend jeans. Now, there are boyfriend tees. You know, those super soft and long t-shirts that are perfectly worn? The kind your boyfriend tosses carelessly to the floor...and you just happen to pick up (and never return)? Well, now you can have that great boyfriend tee – with or without the boy. 

Our Custom Cuts t-shirts are better than boyfriend tees. Why? Because we are custom cutting them just for you. We took all those awesome men’s Jack of All Trades t-shirts designs that you love and let our talented cutter cut 'em up. The result is a whole line of t-shirts that show off all the right parts.  

Deep V's, bra-bearing armholes, crisscrossed ties up the side, back slits, and plenty more creative cuts - these tees are all you'll need this summer. Our Custom Cuts t-shirts include an array of pretty pop culture designs that you won't find anywhere else. All of your favorite comic book icons have been redesigned with you in mind. 

These tees will make eyes pop and heads turn. How hot are these tees? Almost as hot as our new video. Take a look!