Is Snyder Planning a Christopher Reeve Cameo?


Superman and Christopher Reeve are synonymous. Even though Reeve played other parts, he will forever be known as the original Man of Steel. So, why not pay homage to Reeve in the upcoming Man of Steel film? There are some strong rumors circulating today that Zach Snyder plans to use CGI to return Reeve to the silver screen in the form of a cameo appearance. These rumors are based on a leaked set video that recently hit the Internet.

The film shows an extra dressed in the same suit, top hat, and glasses that Reeve wore as Clark Kent on the set of Superman III. While there’s nothing strange about a man dressed in a suit and donning glasses, it’s highly coincidental (maybe too coincidental!) that an extra would carry the same briefcase and wear the same suit – especially since there are no accidents when it comes to Hollywood sets and what clothes extras wear when part of a shot.

In the video clips and photos, Henry Cavill turns to his right while riding a bicycle and we see an image of a man carrying a briefcase and wearing the same outfit Reeve wore in Superman III. Take a look at the video to see what all the fuss is about.

Using CGI to superimpose Reeve’s face on the current extra playing the cameo part wouldn’t be such a far stretch. After all, CGI has been used in a number of films to achieve the same effect, including the ‘Terminator: Salvation’ film.

And, let’s not forget Investment firm Nuveen’s controversial 2000 Superbowl commercial that included a walking Reeve. According to IMDB there are two male “Metropolis commuters” on set, and one of them could very well be donning retro Clark Kent getup.

Man of Steel will grace the cover of Empire Magazine this week too. The magazine claims to have an “exclusive” Man of Steel story and interview. My guess is that the leaked photos weren’t accidentally leaked at all, and Empire Magazine is where you’ll want to set your sights for more news.

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