Even if you’re not a comic book fan, chances are you’ve heard of Stan Lee. Lee is the creative force behind the X-Men characters and behind Spider Man. He has always been an integral part of the comic book world, and now he’s a major part of the digital world too. Not to be left behind in the digital age, Lee hasn’t missed a beat at the ripe age of 90! He’s been a major player on various social networks, and now he’s created something that’s just for kids.

Stan Lee’s new Kid’s Universe site was crafted when Lee realized that kid content was lacking. Being the mastermind that he is, this realization prompted Lee to create a kid-friendly website that sold quality books, games, and other content. The first book to pop up is called ‘Monsters VS. Kittens’ and features adorable illustrations by artist Dani Jones. Fully supported and backed by Lee, Jones’ illustrations were selected for their quality and the book’s educational value.

In fact, educational value is what Lee is all about. All of the content that Lee will include on the Kid’s Universe site comes with a lesson or moral. Further, everything that he approves will also have real value. What’s more, books and other content sold on Lee’s site are affordable (and books also come in digital form). You can even purchase a video of Lee reading ‘Monsters VS. Kittens’ for your kids to enjoy.

Kittens are adorable and monsters (if drawn right) are great too. While not exactly a kitten or a monster, it’s hard not to love this artist rendition of Spider Man – Lee’s first smash hit character. If you have a chance, make sure to check out Kid’s Universe, support Stan Lee’s latest creation, and show your kids that children’s content doesn’t have to be completely void of educational value.