After quitting the ‘Transformers 3’ movie and publicly comparing Michael Bay to Hitler, Fox and Bay are back together again. This time around, Megan Fox will play a part in Bay’s upcoming ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie. It is unclear what part Fox will play, but sources speculate that the 26-year old actress may take on the character of April O’Neil (human friend to the turtles and TV reporter). In the 1987 animated series, O’Neil was a reporter for channel 6 news.

The newest installment of TMNT has had problems from the get-go, though adding Fox to the film may be a step in the right direction (if the actress doesn’t storm off set, of course). In 2010, Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, snagged the rights to the TMNT franchise, and a new version of the film was expected to debut this coming December. Production was shut down and pushed back to 2014 due to filming difficulties.

It seems that all is back on track for the new TMNT. The film will follow the original of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the way back to their alien planet. The alien turtles will fight crime and wear adorable costumes – wait, alien turtles?

Yep, you read that right. Gone are the turtles turned mutant ninja warriors due to radioactive slime. In its place are alien turtles. Maybe the title of the movie should be simply ‘Ninja Turtles,’ since “Teenage” and “Mutant” will be largely thrown out the window! The disconnect between the warrior turtles of the past and Bay’s alien turtles is sure to turn fans on their heads.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that Bay has savaged childhood memories for many. The ‘Transformers’ franchise is a great example of the destruction that Bay can cause. A 7-year old could find gaping plot holes in the last two Transformers installments. Needless to say, folks, we aren’t fans of Bay’s work.

Bay has told press that the new turtles will be "tough, edgy, funny, and completely loveable."

Not so into "edgy" alien turtles? Bay wants you to "relax and chill." He promises that he is "…including everything that made you fans in the first place." Except, of course, the original storyline.