Director Shane Black has told Premiere Magazine that the upcoming Iron Man 3 film might contain a love twist or two. While Sir Ben Kingsley has gained a lot of attention for his role as ‘The Mandarin,’ there are other villains involved in this movie that may surprise some. 

Guy Pearce has been casted and will take on the role of Aldrich Killian (Iron Man Vol. 4 #1). Aldrich Killian was originally Dr. Aldrich Killian, a scientist who (working with his partner Maya Hansen) developed the Extremis virus. 

Hansen and Killian then sold the virus to domestic terrorists, but the guilt was too much for Killian who eventually committed suicide. However, Killian’s character has been reprised for the sake of Iron Man 3. 

In the new movie, Killian is insanely jealous of Tony Stark, and wishes to possess everything that Stark has – including Pepper Potts. It seems that Pepper has a lot to worry about in the new Iron Man 3 film. Not only is Killian a deranged villain who will stop at nothing to possess her, but Potts might also be battling a bit of jealousy. 

Rumor has it that Maya Hansen (Killian’s former partner) will be played by Rebecca Hall in the new film. Hansen and Stark have a relationship that goes way back. Stark and Hansen studied together while in college, and Stark was the one to set Hansen free after her virus-selling secret had been revealed. Hansen also worked with Stark at S.H.I.E.L.D. 

A mix of Hansen and Killian might prove too much for poor Pepper. As the plot thickens and twists, it sure looks like there will be more than one love story to follow throughout the movie!