Listen up Iron Man 3 collectors and serious fans: two versions of the upcoming film will officially be released. A Chinese version of the film will appear in addition to the version showcased throughout the rest of the world. What's different about the Chinese version? 

The Chinese version will include a cameo appearance by one of China's top actresses, Fan Bingbing; and the Chinese film will include footage that's specifically catering to Chinese audiences. Otherwise, the film stays almost the same. 

Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, is set to appear in both films, and both films also include scenery from across China. Marvel has told press that working in China has been a great experience, and the company plans to shoot in China again in the future. 

There's no word as to when the Chinese version of the film will be released (or if this version will be available on DVD throughout North America), but it's bound to be a highly sought after collector's item. Why so much emphasis on an extended version of the Chinese film? 

There are a few good reasons why China is getting a different version of Iron Man 3. The first is that the Chinese market is a massive one, and Marvel makes a lot of its coin from merchandise. Billions of Chinese buyers can’t be a bad thing – buyers that believe this was made specifically for them. 

Second, American film companies want to film in China again, and this can only happen if the Chinese government is happy with what went on the last time around. 

The additional scenes that will be added to the film will likely be pro-China, but will be interesting to see all the same (if North Americans have access to the film, that is).