You know it's going to rock. With Henry Cavill stepping into the Superman suit, how could 'Man Of Steel' not be completely amazing? We already knew that the latest Superman movie would focus more on Kal-El's own identity, but the newest TV trailer takes it one step further. 

In the trailer, we see Superman asking himself all kinds of questions about his identity, where he comes from, and what his purpose is. The new film taps deep into Superman's psyche, and we might just discover a new thing or two about him. 

So far, the 'Man of Steel' previews have been on the serious side, and the latest preview follows that theme. In stark contrast to a film like 'Iron Man 3,' the newest Superman film will include more mystery and less lightheartedness -- pretty deep stuff! 

We also heard that there’s a new ‘Man of Steel’ movie trailer coming out soon. The ‘Man of Steel’ trailer #3 will feature more shots of Superman’s past (we might even see a young Clark Kent working various jobs in order to hide his identity), and a few more pictures of General Zod should be included. The music in the trailers is also said to be exclusive to the previews, and may not show up in the film. 

In case you missed the preview, you can check out what I'm talking about below. The preview aired a couple of days ago, and it's still being widely talked about on comic book forums across the Internet. After watching the trailer, you'll understand why! Take a look.