Warning: there is a spoiler contained in this article, so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know! 

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Ben Kingsley told press a few things about his IM3 character, The Mandarin. We have known so far that Kingsley’s portrayal of The Mandarin involved a twist that is not part of the original plot, and that was the topic of some controversy for quite awhile. What we did not know was how Kingsley felt about the character – and how he feels the character turned out. 

When asked whether or not he would have preferred to play The Mandarin without a twist, Kingsley stated: “…I totally would have accepted The Mandarin as The Mandarin, actually.” But, he also went on to tell the Post that he liked the twist that the movie’s screenwriters created. Kingsley stated, “…I did not know when the reveal would occur. And I was delighted when it did, it’s timed beautifully.”

Whether or not you like the idea of a new Mandarin, it’s hard to deny Kingsley’s abilities as an actor, and note that he probably would not have played a part that was sub-par in any way. Coming from a true thespian, The Mandarin (twist and all) sounds like an amazing character that, yes, might not be the original character, but is still awesome all the same. 

Iron Man 3 will be available in North American movie theatres this Friday! This film will kick off the long line of summertime superhero blockbusters, and we can’t wait. Are you going to go see Iron Man 3 when it arrives in your town? How do you feel about this “twist” bit? Sound off below – and let us know! Jack's News will be there tonight so stay tuned as we will report back tomorrow with some news but promise not to give anything away!