Zack Snyder Releases HD Teaser 4

BIG news hit this past week. There was a handycam leak of the first full length trailer for the heavily anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice flick. Zack Snyder stuck it to the video uploaders and their questionable camera skills by launching the full HD version for our viewing pleasure. We're completely captivated by the showdown between these two heroes. What an interesting standoff between two forces fighting for similar goals.

So I suppose the question is Nature vs. Nurture. Is the force that shall prevail one of God given power? Or is the drive of one victim and the vengeance he seeks the unbeatable force? Or will these heroes come together in the name of justice?


Find out March 23, 2016


New Upcoming Movies 2014 0

Transformers: Age of Extinction - 27 June 2014

Set five years after Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction sets out to continue the franchise, taking a new path in more than one way.

The movie hits teather TODAY and long with the movie release, Jack of all Trades has some awesome new Transformers Designs for you enjoy.

Earth to Echo - 2nd July 2014

We got in for an early screening of this movie, not knowing quite what it would be, just that it had kids and a cute little alien.

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Guardians of the Galaxy - 1st August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 8 August 2014

Four mutant warriors fight to save their city from an evil kingpin.

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Captain America - The Falcon Movie Poster 0

By now we are sure most have seen the trailers that are out there for the Winter Soldier. The new chapter of the Captain America franchise by Marvel Studios. You have seen them hinting at the possible demise of Nick Fury. You have also seen the role that Robert Redford will be playing and we are certain you have your suspicions of who he will turn out to be, right? We have also seen the appearance of Bucky with his metal arm and know this is what happened to him when he fell to what we thought was his death from the train in the last Captain America movie. The bigger question is who is Falcon and will he be portrayed in the movie as a better side kick than the Iron Patriot was in Iron Man. Let us know what you think about how the Falcon will play out in Captain America The Winter Soldier. Hope to see you at the movies!


Thor The Dark World 0

Who is not anticipating this Movie? At this point we are hoping that if Marvel is going to do an action movie and a love story they are going to get it right before we move into the next collection of Marvel Movies slated for 2014. This one may be the one that has the winning formula that will please the audiences and hopefully the hard core fan who has been, let's say a little more than disturbed about the last few movies, where a few too many liberties were taken from the original essence of how the hard core fan believed things should have gone. Anyway we digress the point of this is Thor and the new trailer that seems to have received a positive reaction for those we have spoken with that have seen it. Here's to hoping that the year ends on a positive Movie note with audiences pleased everywhere! Also remember membership has it's privileges so join our Weekly Jack Newsletter and you can be taking advantage of this weeks discounts on all Thor gear right here on our site! 

Seeing the Signs 0

When Zack Synder referenced the Wayne Enterprise logo on the satellite last month it was not the only Easter egg to get Batman Fans going. Recently in an interview Snyder referred to another Batman reference that we are sure many Batman fans missed.

Remember when Zod was tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there was a “Be Calm and Call Batman” sign on the wall really small just big enough to see it. When you are watching it again at the theatres or at home take a closer look. You may have to stop the film to see it but it is there. It’s really cool to see Batman references in the movie and better yet that Zack Snyder allowed them to stay in the movie after the final cut of Man of Steel.

Is this a sign that Warner Bros. is setting up a universe where both Batman and Superman will exist together? We can certainly hope that will be the case.


Are Charles Roven and Zack Snyder Reading Your Comments? 0

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, 'Man of Steel' producer, Charles Roven, mentioned that he's reading fan comments related to a potential Superman sequel. If this doesn't send chills down your spine, maybe the actual quote will: 

"I think you can go anywhere beyond this film that the mind can take you, and certainly we’ve been reading online all of the various possibilities being laid out there by both fan sites and fans." 

Roven doesn't say who "we" is, but WE can guess that he's talking about Zack Snyder. That means that Zack Snyder and Charles Roven want to know what you think about the direction of future films. Haven't commented yet? You might want to do that. 

There were some other interesting bits in the SFX Magazine interview too. When asked about the upcoming 'Man of Steel' film, Roven confirmed that we can expect it to be as grounded as the previews make it seem. 

"As he [Snyder] said, this is the most realistic film, even though it’s about a superhero, that he’s ever shot. His whole style, everything that we did, was designed to bring that to the fore."

You can expect less of a fantastical movie and more of a look into the actual life of Superman. This movie isn't going to be of the usual superhero sort with the fresh spin that Snyder is putting on it – and that’s going to be a great thing. 

We're excited to see this film - and to see whether or not Roven and Snyder pick up any of our comments (or YOUR comments) and run with them the next time around! Got any fresh ideas? Make sure to let your voice be heard! 


Carano Would Consider Wonder Woman 0

Wonder Woman is a symbol of strength. She has to be tough, independent, and must have those amazing Amazonia features. In short, Gina Carano would make an amazing Wonder Woman, and hers is the first name that tends to pop up when speaking of the right actress to play the Amazon goddess. 

Rumors and speculations surrounding the part that Carano might play in an upcoming film have been circulating long before the actress caught wind of such things. Would she even consider stepping into a superhero suit to play Wonder Woman? ‘Collider Magazine’ asked Carano how she felt about playing the part of Wonder Woman, and here’s what she had to say:

“That’s a dream to put on a costume and be a whole other level of character…there’s always the possibility that some day I will be a comic book character that I’ll play and I’m not sure who that’s going to be.  It would be fun and fascinating.  We’ll just have to see where my career is going to go.  There’s so much I want to do. I’m…putting myself out there and seeing what’s attractive to me.”

Carano hasn’t been cast as Wonder Woman in any film yet, but she’s clearly open to the idea. It seems as though she’s also ready to don a costume and let the world know that she can pull off the part of Wonder Woman (we have no doubt!). Right now, Carano is working on promoting ‘Fast and Furious 6,’ though we certainly haven’t seen the last of her yet. 

We’d also like to point out that we are behind Carano’s taking on the role of Wonder Women 100% -- and we love the fact that Carano and Cavill are dating in the real world (check out our post here). It is also rumoured that Carano will make an appearance in ‘Man of Steel’ as (what else?) the Amazonian woman.   

This MMA fighter turned serious actress was BORN to play the part of Wonder Woman! Don’t you agree?

Avengers Rumours Might Not Be True 0

Last week we reported that Marvel was battling with Avengers actors. Rumour had it that Marvel wouldn't fork over more cash, and this might result in some original Avenger folk not returning to the next installment of the film. Mark Ruffalo seems to think differently. 

A member of the press that asked him point blank whether or not the rumours were true recently cornered Ruffalo. Ruffalo had this to say: "I haven't caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don't even think anyone's really started negotiating yet...but sometimes actors are the last people to know what's going on."

Very true, Mark, very true. Often, agents and companies act on behalf of actors. So, it might be that Marvel is arguing over salaries with agents and representatives of various actors, and not actually with the actors themselves. 

Is Marvel really arguing over money with the stars from the Avengers? It's hard to say for sure, but it's now clear that Mark Ruffalo doesn't know about the scuffle. He also stated that he does plan to come back as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, so not to worry if you're a hulk fan. 

What about the rest of The Avengers cast? Who knows; but it will all come to the surface soon enough. 

On another note: who'd like to see Edward Norton come back as 'The Hulk?' Norton was quickly replaced by Ruffalo, though some Hulk fans still prefer the job that Norton did. 

It makes you wonder, though, if Ruffalo easily replaced Norton as 'The Hulk,' how easy would it be to replace RDJ as Iron Man? It might seem impossible now, but just look at how most people have already forgotten that Norton played the part!