“Avengers 2 : Diss-Assembled ?!?” 0

Trouble is brewing before ‘The Avengers 2’ has even made it to pre-production. Over what? Money, of course! Sources say that the cast of ‘The Avengers 2’ wants more money, but the studio isn't budging.

The devil, as they say, is in the details, and this is the case with ‘The Avengers 2.’ 

According to ‘Deadline Magazine’ the "…upfront pay, backend compensation, break even points and box office bonuses aren’t pinned down yet for several big stars and castmates…" Not knowing where the money will be coming from is a big deal to any contractor, including actors.  

Each cast member of ‘The Avengers 2’ is asking around $5 million upfront, and more on the back end. But, Marvel isn't backing down on this one. Just like the studio didn’t let Chris Hemsworth out of his role as Thor in ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ Rumor has it that Hemsworth didn’t want to reprise the role, but the studio reminded him of his contract resulting in a new Thor movie that will debut on November 8th.

It has also been stated that Marvel has threated to sue the cast of ‘The Avengers 2’ if they don’t honor contract details. Some sources state that the collective response to this threat was a “so what?” Whether or not these rumors are true remains to be seen.

What will happen to the cast of ‘The Avengers 2’ if they don't receive payment details soon? Marvel might replace the cast if they strong-arm the company further. Or, the cast might quit. Either way, an ‘Avengers 2’ may never surface if money gets in the way. 

Sources also state that the entire case of ‘The Avengers 2’ is looking up to RDJ. Iron Man 3 has already made RDJ around $35 million and climbing, and RDJ is said to be leading this fight, with his fellow cast members standing behind him. 

Will there be an ‘Avengers 2?’ Not if Marvel and the cast of this film can't come to some kind of compromise! We'll keep you posted!


Jack of All Trades ‘Iron Man 3’ Review! 0

Guess what we’ve got for you? A little glimpse of what you’re going to see tonight if you plan on going to see the new Iron Man 3 film (and why wouldn’t you be?). We had a chance to see the film a few days early, and it’s taken us a couple of days to write up this review for you. Why? We had to sit back and take in what we saw – yep; we were that blown away! 

WARNING: Spoilers Below! 

Storyline Review

This time around, Tony Stark is a deeper and jumpier version of his old self. He suffers from insomnia, the inability to concentrate, and a heaping helping of anxiety – can you say PTSD? Not surprising considering the events that went down in New York after the last Avengers. In this installment of Iron Man, Stark seems to be searching for his “true self,” and that makes for a much more dramatic (and richer) film. 

Stark’s search for more life meaning leads directly to his love, Pepper Potts, of course. Paltrow is great in this film, and the chemistry between her and RDJ is intense (and far more believable this time around). Potts even gets to “suit up” in more ways than one…She almost burns up the screen! She’s so Hot!

Some Old Characters and Some New

The film also features Iron Patriot/War Machine/Rhodey played by Don Cheadle who was visibly more comfortable in War Machine’s shoes this time around. At one point in the film, Rhodey and Stark team up to form a partnership that’s reminiscent of a cop movie that’s also a lot of fun to watch. Cheadle and RDJ work well together on-screen too. 

You’ll see a few new characters this time around as well. Guy Pearce plays a mean Aldrich Killian (ruthless businessman that rivals Tony every chance he gets), and, of course The Mandarin (!). We’ve been waiting a long time to see Sir Ben Kingsley take on the role of The Mandarin, and guess what? Kingsley doesn’t disappoint – it’s like he was born to play this role, and we love him for it.   

We’re going to go ahead and bill Kingsley’s character’s storyline as “the craziest and nuttiest and most unpredictable” character in all the Marvel films that have been release so far. Kinglsey’s portrayal of The Mandarin will be talked about for years to come. Mark our words! 

Visual Effects

What can we say? We’re not even going to try to put the effects into words. We’ll let Joss Whedon (‘Avengers’ director) say it for us: “how the hell and I going to top that?!” Good luck, Joss, good luck. 

Some Criticism

What? We can’t love everything about this film. The one criticism we have is the development of the Extremis Project and its functions. At some points we were scratching our heads thinking: “oh, they can do that?!” and “wait, what the heck is that?” But, we didn’t agonize over these details for too long, since the movie was so fast paced. 

Credits and the Future of Iron Man

Everything about the timing of this film was spot on. We weren’t bored for a moment, and had a hard time remember to eat our popcorn. As expected, the credits included some extra scenes (what would a Marvel film be without those extras?). But, we weren’t sure if those scenes were actually leading to something else, of if they were just created for fan amusement. Either way, we were amused. 

The more important question is: will Tony Stark return? We’re sure of it. Will RDJ step into the suit once more? That’s debatable. 

There is something fishy that we picked up on, though, and you won’t see this in any other review because we are great sleuths! 

JOAT Exclusive Predictions! 

What character scent did we pick up on? Leading up to this film, there was a lot of speculation that IM3 would provide some clues and hints relating to a possible 2014 release of a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film. How many references did we see to a possible Guardians flick? Zero, zip, nada. 

What we did see was a character by the name of Harley. Harley is a 10-year old boy that helps Stark out a great deal when Stark is investigating an explosion in Middle America. Stark and Harley (played by Ty Simpkins) have amazing on-screen chemistry, and we get the feeling that Harley’s story is far from being over. We’re predicting it right now: this is not the last time that you’ll see Harley, and he will be appearing in future Marvel films. 

Remember: you read it on the Jack of All Trades site first! 

Box Office Numbers

We’re glad we got to see IM3 in advance! Box office predictions are that IM3 will gross $600 million worldwide before Sunday! Grab your Iron Man tee and get some tickets – we recommend picking up those tickets as early as possible, it’s going to be a madhouse out there! 


The First 'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Is Out! 0

Guess what arrived on the Internet doorstep yesterday morning? The new Thor trailer! The trailer features Chris Hemsworth stomping around, Natalie Portman as the damsel in distress, and Loki looking like his usual self. 

The trailer doesn't provide too much insight into the upcoming film. We can tell that Thor will have to protect Earth, will meet up with some old enemies, will, likely find new enemies, and also has to battle the Dark Elves while wielding his hammer. 

The Dark Elves are rising in this version of 'Thor: The Dark World,' and they are threatening to destroy all of the nine realms, including Earth. We're sensing a love triangle here between Thor, Portman's character (Jane Foster), and Thor's battle buddy, Sif (played by Jaimie Alexander) – something for everyone, it seems.

The trailer also shows Thor seeking help from Loki (looking entirely the part of a villain, or metal rocker, and hotter than ever, your pick), which will be interesting. The movie looks like a lot of fun, and we are certainly expecting more trailers leading up to the film's release this coming fall. 

First Iron Man Imax 3D Reviews Are Officially In 1

‘Iron Man 3’ debuted in some countries this past week, but sites and blogs that sent spies to check out the film were largely banned from reporting any news until now. Those reviewers are now letting loose. From the reviews posted thus far, it’s clear that this new ‘Iron Man’ isn’t going to be the nitty-gritty sort of film that dances along the thin line of the macabre. 

Then again, ‘Iron Man’ was never a ‘Dark Knight’ kind of film, so we weren’t really expecting something dark and gloomy. We have to wonder, though, if this film is playing far too much on the comedic side of things. Given the reviews posted today, it definitely seems as though RDJ’s character is stocked full of one-liners, and some reviewers feel that this detracts from the movie as a whole. We don’t think this will be the case as Stark’s humor is something that adds to the Iron Man Movie franchise.

What you can expect (based on current reviews) is a lot of tension between Stark and Potts, The Mandarin interfering where he can (of course), and a lot of shots featuring Stark tinkering away on various suits in his workshop. Reviewers thus far are calling the new film a lighthearted superhero comedy, so don’t expect to be terrorized. 

That said, ‘Iron Man 3’ (in all its lighthearted glory) is a great way to kick off the summertime superhero movie season. Why start the season with something gory, when you can just kick back and watch Stark do what he does best? Make those around him laugh, have a few flashbacks, and continue the snide and snarky character that he’s spent a lot of time building – and that we all love. 

The film is going to debut in our neck of the woods (and across North America) on May 3rd – that’s just a few days away. Stay tuned for our take on the film! 

News! Michael Rooker Joins 'Guardians of the Galaxy!’ 0

Okay. The fact that Michael Rooker is going to be part of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ isn't exactly news, but he isn't going to be playing the part he (or we) expected him to…and that’s what this post is all about! 

Instead of showing up in the film as Rocket Racoon (the part he was gunning for), Rooker will appear as Yondu, the bow hunter. Yondu is a game hunter from the Zatoan tribe of Centauri IV. Yondu is one of the founding members of the Guardians of the Galaxy from the original comic series of the late 60’s. His weapon of choice is, of course, the iconic 5-foot bow. 

Whether or not the film will stick with the original Guardians plot is unknown. But, Michael Rooker is not exactly new to acting, and he seems like a decent fit for this role. In case you're not familiar with Rooker, he plays Merle Dixon on the hit show 'The Walking Dead.' He also happens to have a past with 'Guardians' screenwriter James Gunn. 

Gunn and Rooker worked together on 'Slither' and 'Super', and Gunn seems to have campaigned to get Rooker in on the Guardians action too. Rooker will be joining the likes of Dave Batista (former WWE star) and Chris Pratt ('Moneyball') in the film that's set to be released on August 1, 2014. 

As always, we'll keep you posted on any developments!

Iron Man Goes to South Korea 0

Robert Downey Jr. showed South Korean fans some of his "Gangnam Style" dance moves early this morning in South Korea while standing next to a life-size Iron Man poster. As expected, the crowed went wild.

Downey Jr. is in South Korea kicking off the 'Iron Man 3' world tour. The tour began today in South Korea, and the famed actor wasted no time pointing out how special South Korean audiences were to the film. He publicly emphasized the fact that the world tour for 'Iron Man 3' was starting in South Korea. 

During a quick speech, he also stated that Korean audiences are one of the main reasons why the Iron Man franchise took off five years ago. He also went on to say that the current film is "...really worth a couple of hours to spend to go to see at a theatre." 

Downey Jr. told fans that this film will focus on the human side of Tony Stark, and that's what makes this installment unique from the rest. He also let fans know that this film won't take place in the big cities that film fans have become so used to.

"I think a lot of what occurs in Iron Man 3 is that he actually goes to the parts of America that aren’t New York or Los Angeles. It is a road trip of sorts, and I think he gets back to an understanding that he is just a worker amongst workers and he is just another person, and I think that's actually very helpful to him,” he said.

Not only did South Korean 'Iron Man' fans get treated to the kick-off of the world tour, but South Korean fans will also be able to view the film one week earlier than North American fans. 

'Iron Man 3' debuts in South Korea on April 25th -- that's one whole week earlier than the North American launch date! Next up for the 'Iron Man 3' world tour is Beijing.



Two Versions of Iron Man 3 To Be Released 0

Listen up Iron Man 3 collectors and serious fans: two versions of the upcoming film will officially be released. A Chinese version of the film will appear in addition to the version showcased throughout the rest of the world. What's different about the Chinese version? 

The Chinese version will include a cameo appearance by one of China's top actresses, Fan Bingbing; and the Chinese film will include footage that's specifically catering to Chinese audiences. Otherwise, the film stays almost the same. 

Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, is set to appear in both films, and both films also include scenery from across China. Marvel has told press that working in China has been a great experience, and the company plans to shoot in China again in the future. 

There's no word as to when the Chinese version of the film will be released (or if this version will be available on DVD throughout North America), but it's bound to be a highly sought after collector's item. Why so much emphasis on an extended version of the Chinese film? 

There are a few good reasons why China is getting a different version of Iron Man 3. The first is that the Chinese market is a massive one, and Marvel makes a lot of its coin from merchandise. Billions of Chinese buyers can’t be a bad thing – buyers that believe this was made specifically for them. 

Second, American film companies want to film in China again, and this can only happen if the Chinese government is happy with what went on the last time around. 

The additional scenes that will be added to the film will likely be pro-China, but will be interesting to see all the same (if North Americans have access to the film, that is).


New ‘Iron Man 3’ Preview! 0

Were you watching the Kids' Choice Awards last night? No? Well, you missed a brand new 'Iron Man 3' trailer. This one paints the film in a might lighter fashion too. Previously, we have seen Stark in dire straits, but that's not the case with the new trailer. 

The newest 'Iron Man 3' trailer is packed with lightheartedness. Stark and Potts joke around, everything looks relatively happy, and there are no serious threats to be seen. In fact, the trailer shows a humorous Stark saying "you know it's moments like these, I realize, what a superhero I am!" 

There's no doubt about it -- this Iron Man film will include as many laughs as you might have expected (in addition to all of that darker good stuff, of course!). In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, here's a link.

Let us know what you think about this new glimpse of the film!