Is Mackenzie Gray Lex Luthor? 0

We love it when the Internet lights up with rumours. Don't you? This time, we've got the ultimate rumour for you -- but you might not want to read this post if you don't like (potential) spoilers. 

A whole bunch of blogs are reporting that Mackenzie Gray will play the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming 'Superman: Man of Steel' film. Not familiar with Gray? He's the face of "Dr. Alistair Kreig" (also known as a Lex Luthor clone) on 'Smallville.' 

He has also been in more than 100 different shows and films throughout the past few years, and he has the perfect face for a villain. Seriously, if you take a look at Kreig's IMDB photo, you will see what I'm talking about. This guy is the perfect Lex Luthor!

So, just how reliable are those rumours? The first rumour came from an 'I Am Rogue' interview with 'Man of Steel' screenwriter, David Goyer that goes something like this: 

IAR: Can you talk about your decision to not include Lex Luthor in Man of Steel?

Goyer: I don’t think anyone has every confirmed that we haven’t included him. 

Aha! Luthor will be in the film (at least that's what Goyer seems to be hinting at)! Gray himself has also confirmed that he will be in the film, and what other part could he possibly play than the one that was meant for him (so it seems)? 

As has been the case since this film went into production, no confirmation from the studio has appeared. But, we're betting that Lex Luthor will, indeed, appear in 'Man of Steel,' and Mackenzie Gray will be the face of Superman's archenemy! 


Breaking ‘Justice League’ News! Don’t Miss This! 0

Warner Brothers is cooking up something really tasty. This weekend, “El Mayimbe” of Latino Review announced that Christopher Nolan has been visiting Warner Bros. property frequently with good purpose: Nolan will be the new “overseer” of all the company’s superhero properties. What does that mean?


Nolan will make sure that all superhero films go off without a hitch, are awesome, and will please true fans – just like he’s done for the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ film. AND Nolan will take over the reigns of producer for the new ‘Justice League’ film! This is exciting news, but it’s not the only news that broke this weekend!


In a recent interview with Christian Bale, Empire Magazine quoted Bale as saying that he would consider playing the part of Batman again if Nolan came to him with a great script. Word on the street is that Nolan now has that great script.


Batman and Superman may ride again in the very near future. Rumor has it that the end of ‘Man of Steel’ may include Superman visiting Bruce Wayne and asking Wayne to join forces with the rest of the Justice League team. Yep, our minds are blown too! Warner Brothers hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but El Mayimbe is rarely mistaken!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: never, ever, ever, ever, leave a superhero film before those credits start to roll. These films always hold secrets that can only be seen by those who wait! When ‘Man of Steel’ hits theaters on June 13th, sit back, relax, and keep eating your popcorn well past the end credits. You never know what you might miss!!

Two Thumbs Up For "Man of Steel" Screening 0

Word on the street is that "Man of Steel" has been officially reviewed by Warner Brothers execs. What's the verdict? Two big thumbs up – execs couldn"t get enough of the new film. In addition to the rave reviews that the new flick is getting from execs, there are some new bits of information about the film that we didn"t know about before.

One piece of news that will interest moviegoers is the way that Superman's cape is made. Instead of a regular old cape, Superman's cape is made mostly with CGI this time around. There's also a good reason why you aren"t seeing a lot of action in the "Man of Steel" trailers.

Action scenes have been intentionally left out of the trailers, so that audiences are completely surprised when the film does finally debut. We think that this is a smart move on the part of Warner Brothers. How many times have you seen a preview that includes all the best parts of the film? "Man of Steel" will be different, and that's a good thing.

So, even though the trailers make this film look all serious and dramatic, that's not necessarily going to be the case. Not surprisingly, the film will also include a ton of action scenes that execs found mind-blowing. The last bit of leaked information is an important detail – "Man of Steel" has been completed.

The studio is putting on the finishing 3D touches, and then the film will be ready to roll. Those who have seen the film say that it will beat out all the other superhero films debuting this summer. What do you think? Will "Man of Steel" be the one to beat? Superman certainly has some tough competition this time around!

It’s Official: Superman and Wonder Woman Are Dating! 0

When rumors started circulating that Henry Cavill and Gina Carano might be dating, we were hesitantly ecstatic. Now that the two are officially a couple, we are beyond thrilled! It’s official – Wonder Woman and Superman are dating! Carano and Cavill showed up at the recent Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, posed for photos together, and were seen arm-in-arm all night long. The pair also showed up at the Tom Ford Cocktail Party together.

Ok, it’s not official that Carano will be playing the part of Wonder Woman, but there are many signs that point in that direction (and we can dream, can’t we?)! When asked in various interviews if Carano would consider the part of Wonder Woman, she often says that the subject has come up before, and that she would accept the part. Right now, the whole Wonder Woman speculation is just a rumor, but now that Cavill and Carano are officially dating, that rumor has to turn into a reality!

How do you feel about Carano playing the part of Wonder Woman? There’s no doubt that she is physically fit enough to take on the role of Wonder Woman, but some are doubtful that her acting skills can carry such an iconic part. We think that Carano would be the perfect Wonder Woman. What are your thoughts? Regardless, the fact that Cavill and Carano are dating is the perfect precursor to this summer’s amazing lineup of superhero films.

Is Snyder Planning a Christopher Reeve Cameo? 0

Superman and Christopher Reeve are synonymous. Even though Reeve played other parts, he will forever be known as the original Man of Steel. So, why not pay homage to Reeve in the upcoming Man of Steel film? There are some strong rumors circulating today that Zach Snyder plans to use CGI to return Reeve to the silver screen in the form of a cameo appearance. These rumors are based on a leaked set video that recently hit the Internet.

The film shows an extra dressed in the same suit, top hat, and glasses that Reeve wore as Clark Kent on the set of Superman III. While there’s nothing strange about a man dressed in a suit and donning glasses, it’s highly coincidental (maybe too coincidental!) that an extra would carry the same briefcase and wear the same suit – especially since there are no accidents when it comes to Hollywood sets and what clothes extras wear when part of a shot.

In the video clips and photos, Henry Cavill turns to his right while riding a bicycle and we see an image of a man carrying a briefcase and wearing the same outfit Reeve wore in Superman III. Take a look at the video to see what all the fuss is about.

Using CGI to superimpose Reeve’s face on the current extra playing the cameo part wouldn’t be such a far stretch. After all, CGI has been used in a number of films to achieve the same effect, including the ‘Terminator: Salvation’ film.

And, let’s not forget Investment firm Nuveen’s controversial 2000 Superbowl commercial that included a walking Reeve. According to IMDB there are two male “Metropolis commuters” on set, and one of them could very well be donning retro Clark Kent getup.

Man of Steel will grace the cover of Empire Magazine this week too. The magazine claims to have an “exclusive” Man of Steel story and interview. My guess is that the leaked photos weren’t accidentally leaked at all, and Empire Magazine is where you’ll want to set your sights for more news.

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