Hot Hulk News Flash! Is Planet Hulk Next? 0

Movie blogger El Mayimbe (Latino Review) is causing a raucous in the comic world this morning. Mayimbe is reporting that Marvel is in the process of creating a Hulk movie. That’s right, folks, after The Avengers sequel Hulk may soon be starring in his own movie titled ‘Planet Hulk’ which will kick start Marvel’s third phase in it’s cinematic universe. The story (as reported by El Latino) goes a little something like this (warning: spoiler!!!):

Hulk gets kicked out of the Avengers due to his anger issues and is sent to space. He lands on a foreign planet and is taken hostage. During his time as a prisoner, Hulk is forced to compete in Gladiator competitions. Eventually, Hulk decides to rebel and takes over the planet crowning himself king. King Hulk returns to Earth to battle those who sent him into space. The war between Hulk and his alien minions and Earth’s surviving heroes will be titled “World War Hulk.”

I can just see Hulk smashing a bunch of puny humans and aliens around the screen now, can’t you? Seemingly, Hulk’s banishment into space will happen at the end of the Avengers 2 film. So, make sure that you watch the film all the way to the very end – including the credits!

If El Mayimbe’s scoop is right (and it typically is!), we are in for one heck of an upcoming film. There’s no doubt that Hulk would make an excellent main character – I mean, come on, he’s half the fun of the Avengers! There has been no confirmation of this news by Marvel yet, but we will keep you posted! In the meantime, if you haven’t read the Planet Hulk storyline as originally scripted, make sure to check out this link.

Five Upcoming Superhero Films You Don’t Want to Miss! 0

2013 is the year for superhero films! There are some major blockbusters coming out as well as some lesser-known flicks that you’ll still want to see. You’ve probably heard all about Iron Man III and Man of Steel, but there are some other movies on the horizon that are well worth waiting in line for. Check out these five upcoming superhero movies that you definitely don’t want to miss!

1. Kick-Ass 2: if you haven’t seen the first one, start downloading! The sequel to Kick Ass is coming out in June. Kick Ass 2 follows main characters Kick-Ass and Hit Girl as they try to form their own superhero outfit. Hit Girl’s cover is blow and Kick-Ass winds up intertwined with some mob-types. Kick Ass 2 will be a fun way to kick off the superhero movie season! The film will be released on June 28th.

2. The Wolverine: James Mangold’s new film follows Logan (Hugh Jackman) as he battles his way through Japan. You can expect lots of action and plenty of amazing fight scenes. It’s also easy to get hyped up for this film, since it follows the release of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’ The Wolverine will come to a theater near you on July 26th.

3. 300: Rise of An Empire: Zach Snyder has been one busy guy! Not only is Snyder the man behind the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ film, he’s also working on the sequel to 300. The new film  -- set to be released on August 2nd -- is based on the historic battle between the Athenians and the Persians showcasing the true strength of the Ancient Greeks. If 300: Rise of An Empire is anything like the original film, this will be one epic tale not to miss!

4. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For: who didn’t like the first Sin City film? From the way it was shot to the script, Sin City kicked. The newest Sin City installment is directed by Robert Rodriguez and includes a stellar cast. Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, and Rosario Dawson are all part of this crew. The film hits theaters on October 4th.

5. Thor: The Dark World: Thor returns on November 8th! While the last Thor film received mixed reviews, this one looks like it will pick up the slack. Directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) and includes actors such as Natalie Portman, Renee Russo, and Anthony Hopkins. With that kind of a cast line-up, it’s hard to imagine that this film will disappoint!

Add to this mix ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Iron Man III’ and you have a serious year of films ahead. As always, Jack has been working hard at creating original t-shirt designs to go along with these upcoming films, so make sure to check out our current and future selections!

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Is Snyder Planning a Christopher Reeve Cameo? 0

Superman and Christopher Reeve are synonymous. Even though Reeve played other parts, he will forever be known as the original Man of Steel. So, why not pay homage to Reeve in the upcoming Man of Steel film? There are some strong rumors circulating today that Zach Snyder plans to use CGI to return Reeve to the silver screen in the form of a cameo appearance. These rumors are based on a leaked set video that recently hit the Internet.

The film shows an extra dressed in the same suit, top hat, and glasses that Reeve wore as Clark Kent on the set of Superman III. While there’s nothing strange about a man dressed in a suit and donning glasses, it’s highly coincidental (maybe too coincidental!) that an extra would carry the same briefcase and wear the same suit – especially since there are no accidents when it comes to Hollywood sets and what clothes extras wear when part of a shot.

In the video clips and photos, Henry Cavill turns to his right while riding a bicycle and we see an image of a man carrying a briefcase and wearing the same outfit Reeve wore in Superman III. Take a look at the video to see what all the fuss is about.

Using CGI to superimpose Reeve’s face on the current extra playing the cameo part wouldn’t be such a far stretch. After all, CGI has been used in a number of films to achieve the same effect, including the ‘Terminator: Salvation’ film.

And, let’s not forget Investment firm Nuveen’s controversial 2000 Superbowl commercial that included a walking Reeve. According to IMDB there are two male “Metropolis commuters” on set, and one of them could very well be donning retro Clark Kent getup.

Man of Steel will grace the cover of Empire Magazine this week too. The magazine claims to have an “exclusive” Man of Steel story and interview. My guess is that the leaked photos weren’t accidentally leaked at all, and Empire Magazine is where you’ll want to set your sights for more news.

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The Great Iron Man III Debate 0

One of the most anticipated films of the year is now surrounded in controversy. Marvel has just signed a large product placement contract with Chinese device manufacturer TCL. Tony Stark will be using a number of TCL devices in the upcoming film. For many Iron Man fans, Stark’s use of foreign devices goes against the character’s core beliefs. After all, Stark is an American captain of industry.

Marvel has told press that the move simply made sense. Not only will the new product placement agreement be the biggest agreement between Hollywood and the China in history, many of Marvel’s fans are now overseas. China and the U.S. signed a trade agreement in February of last year that opened up Hollywood movies to Chinese consumers.

Since that time, the number of Hollywood ticket sales in China has grown drastically. Is Hollywood now pandering to a Chinese market? It certainly seems that Marvel is moving in that direction. Will other film companies follow suit? It’s hard to tell, but you will definitely see a number of TCL products in the upcoming film.

As far as the gadgets that Iron Man will use in his upcoming film, The Verge reports that a 110-inc 4K TV, a few mobile devices, and TCL’s Cloud Storage will all appear in the film. Even though this won’t change the course of the film too much or alter Stark’s future battles in the least, moviegoers and comic fans aren’t happy with Stark’s apparent ‘Made In The U.S.A’ betrayal.

It’s hard to know where to stand on this one. On the one hand, Marvel should stay true to Stark’s character that would never purchase foreign made devices. On the flip side, Marvel has to cater to all markets – especially one as big as China! Is Marvel justified in changing Stan Lee’s epic Iron Man character? While you ponder and post, be sure to check out our Iron Man tee collection – made across the Americas and printed in Canada.


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DREDD 3D review:

Greetings, Jack here with our first movie review. The new Dredd 3D movie came out today on Bluray/DVD and while the film received great reviews from critics and fans, it failed miserably at the box office grossing only $13,414,717 domestically and $17,517,232 overseas, for a total of $30,931,946 worldwide. With numbers like that, the chances of seeing a sequel to Dredd 3D is unlikely. Being a huge comic book geek, I must admit that I have never really read any of the Judge Dredd comics from the UK’s 2000 AD Comics magazine, except for a Bat Man/Dredd crossover that happened in ’91, which I enjoy to this day, so I will not be comparing it to the comic books. I will however be looking into them now after seeing how cool and ruthless Karl Urban’s take on the iconic British character. He just makes him seem so badass, that it oozes from the screen. 

Occupied by 800 million people, Mega-City 1 evolved out of a growing urban conurbation stretching from Boston to Washington, which took form in the 21st century to cope with the escalating population crisis in America and, due to the high crime rate, led to the introduction of the Judge system in which Judges have the power of judge, jury and executioner. These Judges are the law in Mega City 1 and Dredd does not fail to emdody this philosophy the moment he steps on screen.

Judge Dredd is assigned to break in a new recruit, Judge Anderson, played by Olivia Thirlby, and they are quickly called in to investigate a triple homicide in one of the many Mega Block buildings which houses more than 75,000 occupants. These Mega Blocks are basically huge apartment buildings that serve as small self contained cities. Once there, they arrest a suspect to these murders, and quickly proceed to make their way to the Hall of Justice to interrogate him. But before they can exit the mega-apartment complex Peach Trees, they are quickly trapped within the 200-story skyscraper and forced to fight off its thousands of inhabitants. The building has been sealed off by Ma-Ma, played by Lena Headey as a scarred former prostitute who now runs a powerful drug ring from the top floors. Dredd and Anderson have arrested one of her lieutenants and so they must be killed before they can force him to testify against her. The flow of the story was very well paced and there really was no dull moment throughout the film. If there was, I didn’t notice.

The action sequences were very well done, and for those that enjoy 3D, you’re in for a surprise because it looks stunning. It is extremely well done especially during the “slo-mo” sequences and the great cinematography that it compliments. The slow motion sequences, while beautifully shot, do play into the story and are not there just to look good. There are some scenes in which the blood splatter looks a bit forced, but you quickly look past it as the body count rises and our heroes make their way to the top floors for their confrontation with Ma-Ma. The score fits in so perfectly, that you can really believe for a moment that you are in a ravaged dystopian future surrounded by chaos.

This film was great from the beginning until the end. From A to Z. But yet, I cannot understand how it could have flopped so bad at the box-office. Come to think of it, there was a lack of marketing from the studio and I’m sure that figured heavily into the final numbers. My only complaint of the film is that it left you wanting to see a sequel with these awesome characters. I even waited until the final credits rolled with a hope of a mention or a hint of one. But as I mentioned in the beginning of the review, the chances of that happening are unlikely at this point. Unless of course they sell a gazillion Blurays/DVD’s. 

Here’s hoping...