Wwe Undertaker Back In 5 T-Shirt

Product Description
Who Didn't Fear The Undertaker Every Time He Walked Up The Rink As A Kid Watching The WWF (Now WWE)? With His Horror-Themed Antics, Scare Tactics, Links To The Supernatural, And Don't Forget That Creepy Entrance Music, The Undertaker Has Been Deemed The Greatest Hell In A Cell Performer. He Was One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Ever, And Is Best Known For The Streak; A Run Of 21 Victories At WrestleMania. This Tee Is A Testament To The Undertaker's Many Victories, And A Jab At His Defeated Opponents, Who He Often Placed In Bodybags And Dragged Out Of The Ring. Get The Look Of The Lord Of Darkness. This T-Shirt Is 100% Cotton Yarn, Made In The USA, And Produced Throughout The Americas.