Wwe United Nations T-Shirt

Product Description
The WWE Has Become An International Organization Featuring Wrestlers From Across The Globe And Those Representing Various Nations. This WWE United Nations Tee Includes Some Of The Most Badass Wrestlers, And The Countries They Rep. We Got: Bret Hart - Canada, Andre The Giant - France, Iron Sheik - Irna, Yokozuna - Japan, El Matador - Mexico, The Bushwhackers - New Zealand, Nikolai Volkoff - Russia, The Wild Somoans - Somoa, Roddy Piper - Scotland, Kamala - Uganda, British Bulldogg - UK, Hacksaw Jim Duggan - USA, And The Ultimate Warrior - We're Not Really Sure Where This Guys Actually Came From! Be Sure To Look Like The Ultimate WWE Superstar In This International Tshirt. Enjoy This Super Soft 100% Cotton Tee Made From USA Yarns And Printed In Canada.