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The Batmobiles of Cinema By Variant Comics 0

Check out Arris from Variant Comics discuss the Batman and his sweet rides, the Batmobiles.

Did we mention Arris is rockin' one of our limited edition Batman raglans?

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VIDEO: The Batmobile in action! 0

Zack Snyder filmed and shared the first scene featuring Batmobile in action. The scene was filmed in Detroit for Batman v Superman showcasing the engine ROARRR and with lots of sounds of machine guns.

Zack Snyder shared last week the real Batmobile, now you can see it in action!

They just love to tease us with sharing all these scenes. Are you guys excited?

Poll: Ben Affleck's Batmobile or Christian Bale's Tumbler? 0

You've seen them both: Ben Affleck's Batmobile and Christian Bale's Tumbler. Which one do you prefer?

Best Batsuit. Best Batmobile. Fingers crossed for the best Batman!! 0

Ben Affleck has signed to play Batman in THREE films. 'Batman V Superman', obviously 'Justice League' and likely a solo.

We've saw the Batsuit, some new photos of the Batmobile have just gone out (I'll show them in a moment) let's hope for the best Batman performance Ben Affleck can offer.

UPDATE: Here’s a real picture of the #Batmobile," Snyder said in his tweet.

Very different from the ones we've seen lately, am I right? (see below)