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Montreal-Heavy Metal Band ENDAST wearing Jack of all Trades! 0

With the strength and the spirit of the underground, ENDAST have been delivering true Canadian Heavy Metal since 2004. They've became more than just a name for Montreal and guess what: they absolutely love Jack's T-shirts.

There are so many things we have in common: we both are known for delivering with passion, we like heavy metal, they play it, we make awesome t-shirts, they wear them.

Endast just released their new album THRIVE and have an upcoming Canadian Tour and European Summer Tour. One true fan cannot resist attending their approaching events, so make sure you stay updated here!Enough talking, let's see them in action! Here's ENDAST rocking Jack's T-shirts. Share the love!

Many thanks to the photographer Pierre Bourgault for beautifully captioning these moments.


People wearing Jack! 0

We love to see our t-shirts and other gear out in the wild! Whether you chose the villain or the superhero we want you to share the experience with us!

The struggle between good and evil has always been an ongoing battle – superheros have been duking it out with villains since the beginning of time! Hero or a villain, you’ll definitely be rockin’ these awesome character designs on your chest.

We have a word here: If you are not wearing Jack you don’t know Jack! Once you get to know him you'll never get enough.


Local Montreal band where one band member is wearing our Batman ’66 portrait

George rocking his Wonder Woman Tee / Jacob wearing his Iron Man vs. Mandarin tee


Kelsie wearing her Flash T-shirt

Josh proving the consequence of wearing a RDJ favorite! / Dave & THE Real Mandarin


Corey Taylor rocking Marvel T-shirt / Bill Kelliher

We've already created an album on our Facebook page and we also have Jack's Wall. Want to see yourself in here, send us pictures with you wearing Jack.

Yes that's Robert Downey Jr wearing our Iron Man T-Shirt

Hal Sparks on the Red Carpet Avengers 2012/ Robert Downey Jr rocking Stained Glass - Iron Man T-shirt

...and many others. Ping us if you want in!