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AVENGERS: Age Of Ultron - Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster 0


Avengers: Age Of Ultron! It's Hulk vs. Hulkbuster in this latest release leading up to the premier. 


How do you know we've been on edge waiting for this one? Click here to find out! 

#SaveTheCover vs #ChangeTheCover; What Is “The Killing Joke” and Why Are We So Upset About It? 0

Are we offended because this artist’s depiction lacks context or because it doesn’t? The suggested narrative is that a strong female hero character is not only defeated by The Joker, but is subject to aggressive sexual assault and torture. In all likelihood this is a storyline that would not have been released in the present day. No, we do not see outright rape in the original illustrations, but that is a bit of a cop-out in my mind. You may not have said it directly, but you sure as hell made me think it.

Jack of all Trades Front and Center at The Bay 0

This is how we roll! Great set up at Canada’s best specialty department store The Bay! To quote the buyer after he saw these store pictures this morning his reaction was “Wow! This Looks Amazing!!!” I can only thank the wonderful people at The Bay that take care of this sort of thing that are called Chief Marketing, that’s their title on their cards! Now the only thing that will make us even look better is when you, our friends and appreciators of Jack of all Trades, wear our product! We have done something very special almost exclusively with The Bay. Each T-shirt in the rack is individually packaged and each package contains an amazing Jack of all Trades T-shirt as well as a collector’s art board enclosed. There are a few different ones to collect, so get down to the stores before they are gone and collect all of them!


Celebrate America with Jack of all Trades! Happy 4th of July! 0

Happy 4th of July folks! Celebrate this special day with a special offer brought to you by Jack!

25% OFF SITEWIDE starting today and ending on the 5th of July at midnight EST.

What are you waiting for? Start grabbing some tees that are going to fit you great and make you look like a true patriot!


On top of the SALE, we have great news for you guys! We've just released some new WOMEN FOOTBALL TEES that are going to sweep of your feet.

We always want you to get the most from Jack so don't forget that for orders over $60 you get FREE SHIPPING!

Check out our new transformers designs! Get them in time for the new movie! 0

8 days remaining until Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters!

The story continues as a mechanic and his daughter find a deactivated Optimus Prime, a discovery that will bring down on them the Autobots, Decepticons and a paranoid government official. I'm sure you've all seen the trailer, if not let's watch it together!

Impressive huh? Perfect timing, 'cause we've just released 3 new Transformers Designs yesterday!

Go check them out and buy some just in time for the new Transformers movie!

*Don't forget that we have FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $60, plus if you sign up for our newsletter you get $10 off your next purchase.

Want a free t-shirt? Enter Jack of all Trades giveaway! 0

Giving back to our fans!

Your future is looking good! We've decided to do a giveaway once every two weeks and that's not all! We're going to give away t-shirts to 3 very lucky winners!

More entries = More chances to win!

Make sure you do all the entries, that way you'll have more chances to win! Sharing with friends is the best way to win some extra points!

That's all folks, see you in two weeks! Same time, same place!

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People wearing Jack! 0

We love to see our t-shirts and other gear out in the wild! Whether you chose the villain or the superhero we want you to share the experience with us!

The struggle between good and evil has always been an ongoing battle – superheros have been duking it out with villains since the beginning of time! Hero or a villain, you’ll definitely be rockin’ these awesome character designs on your chest.

We have a word here: If you are not wearing Jack you don’t know Jack! Once you get to know him you'll never get enough.


Local Montreal band where one band member is wearing our Batman ’66 portrait

George rocking his Wonder Woman Tee / Jacob wearing his Iron Man vs. Mandarin tee


Kelsie wearing her Flash T-shirt

Josh proving the consequence of wearing a RDJ favorite! / Dave & THE Real Mandarin


Corey Taylor rocking Marvel T-shirt / Bill Kelliher

We've already created an album on our Facebook page and we also have Jack's Wall. Want to see yourself in here, send us pictures with you wearing Jack.

Yes that's Robert Downey Jr wearing our Iron Man T-Shirt

Hal Sparks on the Red Carpet Avengers 2012/ Robert Downey Jr rocking Stained Glass - Iron Man T-shirt

...and many others. Ping us if you want in!


The Amazing Spiderman 2 hits theaters soon and we're giving away t-shirts! 0

We've always known that Spider-Man's most important battle has been within himself: taking care of the ordinary responsibilities as Peter Parker and the extraordinary ones as Spider-Man. Well, his greatest battle begins on May 2, as we all going to go and see it.

We are doing the premiere with radio stations CHOM 97.7 and Virgin Radio 96 FM for the Amazing Spider-man 2 in Montreal. They are giving away tickets, we are giving away hanging Spider-Man t-shirts from Jack of all Trades.

All you have to do is listen all week, call and win! We will see you on premiere night at the Theatre with more giveaways from Jack of all Trades.