Joss Whedon Talks How Batman v Superman is Similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron 4

 Check out this interview with Joss Whedon on the Batman v Superman trailer. He drew some interesting parallels between the Batman v Superman story arch and that of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron plot. 

Whedon's main point? Not everyone will agree 100% of the time. In Avenger's you have two groups each fighting for what they think is the right path for the prosperity of Earth. We see the same conflict in Batman v Superman. Two heroes at an impasse because their respective ideas of good do not agree. 


Zack Snyder Releases HD Teaser 4

BIG news hit this past week. There was a handycam leak of the first full length trailer for the heavily anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice flick. Zack Snyder stuck it to the video uploaders and their questionable camera skills by launching the full HD version for our viewing pleasure. We're completely captivated by the showdown between these two heroes. What an interesting standoff between two forces fighting for similar goals.

So I suppose the question is Nature vs. Nurture. Is the force that shall prevail one of God given power? Or is the drive of one victim and the vengeance he seeks the unbeatable force? Or will these heroes come together in the name of justice?


Find out March 23, 2016


Who would win? Batman VS Darth Vader [VIDEO] 5

Batman and Darth Vader we're featured in Super Power Beat Down new episode and they say this one is the best one so far.

Storyline: Batman travels to Death Star to save Superman, who was captured. Darth Vader appears, they meet and fight.

The episode was directed by none other than Aaron Schoenke from batinthesun. Super Power Beat Down is a Batinthesun production, a web series in which 2 super powered icons battle.

I won't say which one won in this one. All I can say is: Damn it Batman!

Seeing the Signs 0

When Zack Synder referenced the Wayne Enterprise logo on the satellite last month it was not the only Easter egg to get Batman Fans going. Recently in an interview Snyder referred to another Batman reference that we are sure many Batman fans missed.

Remember when Zod was tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there was a “Be Calm and Call Batman” sign on the wall really small just big enough to see it. When you are watching it again at the theatres or at home take a closer look. You may have to stop the film to see it but it is there. It’s really cool to see Batman references in the movie and better yet that Zack Snyder allowed them to stay in the movie after the final cut of Man of Steel.

Is this a sign that Warner Bros. is setting up a universe where both Batman and Superman will exist together? We can certainly hope that will be the case.


Breaking ‘Justice League’ News! Don’t Miss This! 0

Warner Brothers is cooking up something really tasty. This weekend, “El Mayimbe” of Latino Review announced that Christopher Nolan has been visiting Warner Bros. property frequently with good purpose: Nolan will be the new “overseer” of all the company’s superhero properties. What does that mean?


Nolan will make sure that all superhero films go off without a hitch, are awesome, and will please true fans – just like he’s done for the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ film. AND Nolan will take over the reigns of producer for the new ‘Justice League’ film! This is exciting news, but it’s not the only news that broke this weekend!


In a recent interview with Christian Bale, Empire Magazine quoted Bale as saying that he would consider playing the part of Batman again if Nolan came to him with a great script. Word on the street is that Nolan now has that great script.


Batman and Superman may ride again in the very near future. Rumor has it that the end of ‘Man of Steel’ may include Superman visiting Bruce Wayne and asking Wayne to join forces with the rest of the Justice League team. Yep, our minds are blown too! Warner Brothers hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but El Mayimbe is rarely mistaken!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: never, ever, ever, ever, leave a superhero film before those credits start to roll. These films always hold secrets that can only be seen by those who wait! When ‘Man of Steel’ hits theaters on June 13th, sit back, relax, and keep eating your popcorn well past the end credits. You never know what you might miss!!

Ben Affleck As Batman and Other Justice League News 0

Word on the street this morning is that Warner Brothers didn’t just want Ben Affleck to direct ‘Justice League,’ they also wanted him to play Batman. Affleck declined both offers. The shaping up of ‘Justice League’ isn’t looking so good. Warner Brothers doesn’t have a script (after tossing Will Beall’s version), has no real cast, and definitely doesn’t have Affleck. But, the reliable source that is El Mayimbe over at Latino Review says otherwise.

El Mayimbe had this to say about ‘Justice League’ in a recent Tweet: “JUSTICE LEAGUE: TO BE CONTINUED. TRUST ME ON THIS FANBOY NATION.” He ended his Tweet with a ‘RT,’ which can only mean that his word is good. So, even though nearly every other blog is reporting that Justice League is dead in the water, El Mayimbe is reporting otherwise. How reliable is this source? Tweets: “@elmayimbe I remember Latino Review as the site that revealed Heath Ledger was going to be Joker. Definitely a trusted source for Bat-info!” That’s right, El Mayimbe broke the Heath Ledge news way back when. There’s little doubt in our minds that any news coming from Latino Review is reliable. The question now is: did Affleck really decline the role of Batman? Further, did he actually dismiss having anything to do with the film at all?

Reading through Tweets this morning proves to be useful in uncovering details! Latino Review sent out this recent Tweet: “J.J Abrams said he wasn’t directing Star Wars and look what happened!” This Tweet was then Re-Tweeted by El Mayimbe – could this be a hint? Perhaps Affleck did originally turn down the Warner Brothers offer, but he may just be rethinking that contract. Further Twitter clues can lead one to believe that Affleck isn’t done with Justice League quite yet.

El Mayimbe also had this to say via Twitter: “…it was pretty much over for that Justice League version.” Let’s read between the lines here. El Mayimbe states that it was “…over for that Justice League version” meaning the first script that was recently thrown out.

The word “version” is what should be zeroed in on. This statement may imply that another version is in the mix. A version that could very well include Ben Affleck in one or two major ways. I have a hunch that El Mayimbe will be revealing more Justice League news in the next few days. Can you see Ben Affleck as Batman? How about directing Justice League? Stay tuned for more sleuthing from JOAT!