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Joss Whedon Talks How Batman v Superman is Similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron 4

 Check out this interview with Joss Whedon on the Batman v Superman trailer. He drew some interesting parallels between the Batman v Superman story arch and that of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron plot. 

Whedon's main point? Not everyone will agree 100% of the time. In Avenger's you have two groups each fighting for what they think is the right path for the prosperity of Earth. We see the same conflict in Batman v Superman. Two heroes at an impasse because their respective ideas of good do not agree. 


Zack Snyder Releases HD Teaser 4

BIG news hit this past week. There was a handycam leak of the first full length trailer for the heavily anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice flick. Zack Snyder stuck it to the video uploaders and their questionable camera skills by launching the full HD version for our viewing pleasure. We're completely captivated by the showdown between these two heroes. What an interesting standoff between two forces fighting for similar goals.

So I suppose the question is Nature vs. Nurture. Is the force that shall prevail one of God given power? Or is the drive of one victim and the vengeance he seeks the unbeatable force? Or will these heroes come together in the name of justice?


Find out March 23, 2016


KGBeast Cameo in Batman v Superman!! 4

We already know that at the end of March, when Batman v Superman hits theaters, we're going to see Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Lex Luthor and Doomsday.
One of the newest names which will connect with Batman v Superman is Knyazev a.k.a. KGBeast. KG Beast, as known by the C.I.A, was first introduced in "Ten Nights of the Beast". His first mission was to kill 10 high ranking U.S officials who worked in the Strategic Defense Initiative. Despite Batman's effort, his mission was a success, killing 7 targets.
This version of KGBeast won't be seen in the movie, but he's in the script and I can assure you he's going to be ruthless. I mean, in Ten Nights of the Beast he cut his own hand to escape Batman. So..
Now I'm wondering are we going to see other superheroes/villains? Are there any easter eggs for us, the committed fans? State your opinion in the comment section below.