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Truly Blessed in so many ways!

December 22, 2014

The Holidays are upon us! It is the time to give thanks to all that is good! We as a company try to do so every day! We are truly blessed with a great team of people working at Jack of all Trades that tell me that what they do is more than a job, it is a source of inspiration and a daily event that they are all truly passionate about, and their objective is to make all our customers happy. This shows me how truly blessed I am as my mission in business has always been and will always be to provide people with product that is part of their lifestyle and something that they can enjoy wearing and sharing...

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Thank you Nicole for proudly wearing Jack!

December 04, 2014

I'm sure you all know her, she's one of the most popular cosplayers in the world: Nicole Marie Jean. And she looks sexy in almost anything she'd wear, but even sexier with a Jack of all Trades T-shirt. She just posted a pic on her Facebook page, wearing our Batman Jumbo Logo Football Jersey stating "I've always been more of a Marvel girl, but Batman has been a favorite comic book character of mine since I was little. Nearly half of my closet is Batman apparel! ;D" She's a very busy girl working on several projects, one of them is a kickstarter project : MUCK: Horror Films for Horror Fans. They already have $198,436 worth of pledges with 7 more...

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Guardians of the Galaxy Eclectic Method Remix - VIDEO

December 04, 2014

Some say that Awesome Mix Vol. 1 will never get played too much. Some already started to get tired of it (personally I don't think that can happen, but we're different people). Eclectic Method made their mark on Guardians of the Galaxy, by remixing different lines and clips from the movie. You can all watch it below and let us know which part was your favorite. Mine was "I am Groot".

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KGBeast Cameo in Batman v Superman!!

December 02, 2014

We already know that at the end of March, when Batman v Superman hits theaters, we're going to see Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Lex Luthor and Doomsday. One of the newest names which will connect with Batman v Superman is Knyazev a.k.a. KGBeast. KG Beast, as known by the C.I.A, was first introduced in "Ten Nights of the Beast". His first mission was to kill 10 high ranking U.S officials who worked in the Strategic Defense Initiative. Despite Batman's effort, his mission was a success, killing 7 targets. This version of KGBeast won't be seen in the movie, but he's in the script and I can assure you he's going to be ruthless. I mean, in Ten Nights of the Beast...

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Kind Words and Support from Josh!

I'm sorry, I really should have sent this review earlier, but I was busy "breaking in" my new shirt. I have never worn a shirt this awesomely designed, and so dang comfortable! Seriously I could wear this shirt for the rest of my life. It's soft, it's light. In short this was a perfect gifted shirt. I'll be sure to definitely order more shirts in the future, especially those that are still sold out.

Your new eternal customer, 


Mark Fernando - Wins 100$ Promocode

Ain't no Christmas like a Jack of all Trades Christmas. We posted up a contest and Mark was Listening, Watching and Winning!