Here are the top 5 things we bet you didn't know about GNR (via AXS)


5. Geffen, GNR's record label, rejected the first cover idea for Appetite for Destruction.

The band’s debut album cover featured an image of a cross and skulls of the five band members, but that replaced controversial artwork of a robotic rapist about to be punished by a metal avenger. In a 2011 interview with VH1's "That Metal Show," Rose revealed that he initially wanted the album's cover art to be the famous photo of the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding, but the label rejected that idea, too.


4. Duff McKagan inspired a "Simpsons" trademark.

Bassist Duff McKagan was known as the band's big drinker, and Rose even introduced him at an MTV concert as “Duff, The King of Beers." In his autobiography "It's So Easy (And Other Lies)”, McKagan revealed that the impromptu intro spawned an industry. "A production company working on a new animated series called me to ask if they could use the name ‘Duff’ for a brand of beer in the show,” he wrote. “Little did I know that the show would become 'The Simpsons' and that within a few years I would start to see Duff beer glasses and gear everywhere we toured.”



3. Two of the most iconic GNR songs are about real-life loves.

The band’s only No. 1 hit single, "Sweet Child O' Mine," was about lead singer Axl Rose's then-girlfriend, Erin Everly. The daughter of music legend Don Everly even appeared in the song’s video. Also, the song "My Michelle" was written about a childhood friend of Slash's named Michele Young, whom he had a crush on as a teen.


2. Axl just missed Kurt Cobain's spit.

At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, Rose got into a backstage run-in with members of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain later decided to spit on Rose's piano keys minutes before GNR was slated to perform the song "November Rain.” But to his horror, the legendary Elton John sat down at the piano instead to accompany the band on their epic tune.
1. Axl Rose skipped the band’s Hall of Fame induction.

After years of bad blood among the original bandmates, Rose famously skipped Gun N’ Roses’ 2012 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Citing mixed feelings on the event as well as confusion about what the purpose of the Hall of Fame really is, the rocker later apologized in an open letter to the city of Cleveland and all of his fans.
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Top 8 Mustachioed Rock N' Roll Musicians 0

In honor of this month's Movember campaign, we have created a list of our favorite 8 mustachioed rock n' roll musicians. Rock n' roll is all about rebellion, and badass antics, and what better way to look like a total badass than rocking a thick stache!

Here is our list of the Top 8 Mustachioed Musicians, counting down from number 8 to the top spot:

8. Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones

He doesn't always sport a mustache, but did go through a mustache exploration phase. We are not sure how we feel about this skinny 'stache, but leave it up to Keith to rock it with confidence. 

7. Axl Rose - Guns N' Roses

It takes a real rocker with his own sense of style to grow out a handle bar mustache, and Axl somehow makes it look kinda cool. It's definitely a bold red fashion choice!

6. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi's mustache is almost as iconic as his music, as he rocked this look most of his short lived career. The man was a legend, and so were his afro, bandana, and facial hair!

5. John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney - The Beatles

The Beatles were known for their hairstyles, and ever-changing style. They were music legends, and fashion icons. Although all four Beatles rocked the 'stache for the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, Paul shaved off his facial hair shortly after, a look we find suited him much better. 

4. Anthony Kiedis - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anthony seems as ageless as the Chili Peppers music. His new mustache sprouted a few years ago, and the 50 year old rocker took fans by storm. Fans either loved the 'stache or hated it, and have even gone so far as to create an entire Tumblr account dedicated to Kiedis' facial hair. 

3. Jim Morrison - The Doors

Oh Jim! In his early years, The Doors frontman had the skinny, shaggy hair, clean shaven look down. That look changed in the last few years of his life, where he grew a full on mustache and thick beard. It was a radical transformation, however, with Jim's eccentric character, it came as no real surprise. 

2. Tommy Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward - Black Sabbath

3 out of the 4 original Black Sabbath members all rocked a mustache at some point. Leave it up to frontman Ozzy Osbourne to rebel and leave his face clean shaven, although, we don't think a mustache would have suited the Prince of Darkness quite like it did the other Sabbath members. 

1. Freddie Mercury - Queen

As the eccentric, rock male diva and lead singer of Queen, Freddie upheld his reputation as having one of the most recognizable voices in music and as a King of Concerts. He was a style and music icon, and we are not sure if he was ever seen without that awesome 'stache. Freddie definitely deserves the #1 spot on our list of mustachioed musicians. 

Did we leave any one out? Would you change the order of our list?

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