What if Marvel released sexy variant covers for male superheroes?

For the past week everybody talked about the cover of the upcoming Spider-Woman #1.

Some say that she looks like a creepy Michael Jackson or her face & head looks like it's on wrong. At the beginning everybody said it's too sexual. After that, they looked closely at the artwork and said it's bad.

We've seen Spiderman strike similar poses many times in the past. It makes sense for a hero(ine) with spider-like abilities to emulate spiders. I've asked some opinions on Reddit and here's what somebody said: "This isn't just an issue with this cover though. It's really an issue with the way most super-hero(in)es are drawn. Many artists really don't draw clothing right. They basically draw it as if it perfectly followed the contours of human skin. Even when it would stretch over gaps".

BUT: What if Marvel released sexy variant covers for male superheroes? Would you react the same? Take a look.

Image source: Comic Book Resources

ART Credits: Captain America - Lou Harrison
Drax - Bret Blevins, Tom Smith
Iron Man - Tom Morgan, Tom Smith
Morbius - Gary Barker, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Smith
Namor - Joe Quesada, Tom Palmer, Tom Smith
Nova - Joe Phillips, John Dell, Jung Choi
Punisher - Cindy Martin, Arthur Nichols, Tom Smith
Spider-Man - Christopher Hawkes
Thor - Lou Harrison
Wolverine - Steve Lightle, Tom Smith


Which one is your favorite then?

No need to give Stan Lee a heart attack - IceBucketChallenge

Stan Lee takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
Gracious from his end to take in the #IceBucketChallenge, even at 91 years old. There was no need to give him a heart attack, he dumped the water on a Uncle Stan Figurine.
Stan is the MAN!! It all happened at the World Wizard Comic Con, where he happily agreed to the challenge. Not even Lee knew that, World Wizard CEO had plans to dump the water on his famous figurines.
“I really thought you were going to do this,” Lee said. “I was scared stiff!”

Source: Comic Book Resources

Action Comics #1 sells for $3.2 million. Take that Nicolas Cage!

Remember a few years ago when a copy of Action Comics #1, owned by Nicolas Cage, was sold for $2.16 million? Well, there is a new record, since a few hours ago, when another copy of the same comic, was sold on eBay for $3.2 million.
The things people do for their comics, are sometimes unbelievable. Before I go into that, let me tell you its owners history -short version - : Original owner bought it in 1938 and kept it in a cedar box, according to ComicBookResources, for 4 decades, then was bought by a local dealer in West Virginia, then another person who held it for like 30 years and several years ago Darren Adams bought it at a private sale.
One of the owners held it in a cedar box, the last one locked it in a vault, while controlling the temperature. I mean, wow, the things some do for their comics. Anyway, apparently this is the finest one of its kind and for now on it helds the record - The first comic sold at more than $3 million at an auction.

This is going to shock you - Did you know that Marvel Comics almost never existed?

If Martin Goodman, the man that launched the company that would later become Marvel Comics, would have stuck with his original traveling plans in 1927, Marvel would have never existed. That year Martin was on his honeymoon in Europe with his wife.

For the return in the US, Martin had plans to ride the exciting new Hinderburg airship, but he was late to buy tickets and we couldn't get 2 seats next to each other, so he and his wife took a plane instead. The crazy thing is, the Hindenburg airship crashed killing 35 people on board. Martin Goodman however made it back from his honeymoon and went on to found Timely Comics later that year, which became Atlas Comics in 1951 and finally Marvel Comics in 1961.

Source: Variant Comics


All that being said, thank God Martin didn't get on the Hidenburg.

Our lives are so much better now that Marvel Comics do exist. But, for the sake of the subject, what would you have done IF they would have never existed?

NEWS: A new Spider Woman comic cover released that creates controversies!

Spider-Woman #1 was announced last month at the Comic-Con in San Diego.

Milo Manara, known for his "erotic illustrations", revealed his cover to Comic Book Resources, roughly a week ago and since then everybody's talking about it. Here's what others are saying:

io9 said: "She looks like she's wearing body-paint, and that's a big no-no for an industry still trying to remember that women exist and may perhaps read comics and also don't want to feel completely gross when they do so. As for the position she's in … Christ … Here's a simple rule: If it's inappropriate for a male character, it should also be inappropriate for a female character."

Comicbookgrrrl said: "women do love superhero comics, and we even love a bit of cheesecake here and there, but this cover and the lack of thinking behind it is a prime example of why people continue to think superhero comics are for horny men only".

Bleeding Cool said: "Remember folks, this was the comic that was launched at the Women Of Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic Con. It's almost as if Marvel are doing this on purpose now."

The Mary Sue said: "anyone familiar with pornography knows this pose … ripped straight from the fantasy medium".

Source: The Guardian


What do you guys think? Agree? Share your thoughts!


Top 5 best celebrities takes on Ice Bucket Challenge! Bring it on!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Worked. It's everywhere, even Bill Gates took the challenge to raise awareness and donations. And thanks to all those celebs who filmed themselves and, of course, for the less well-known people, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $15 million.

What's the best way to celebrate it? Here's our Top 5 best Celebrities who took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Oh and no ordinary celebrities, we're in the superhero business, therefore there will be superheroes here. Or famous actors who played superheroes in the movies.

We'll have to start with the CHAMPION! The number one superheroes who took the challenge and in our hearts he's the winner!

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and her new costume!

Heavily armored Batman, angry Superman and sexy Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

As you can see Wonder Woman had a drastic change from her classic outfit that makes her look more like a Spartan warrior than an Amazonian Princess don't you think? That’s what the fans from all over the world saw at Warner Bros Comic-Con panel. 

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