First just let me say this: I hope the movie will transcend my expectations.
I don't think we're going to see the Avengers, when all ends, eating shawarma like in the last movie. For those of you who say this movie is going to be childish or humorous, careful what you say, Ultron is no laughing matter.
This is going to be DARK.
Not terrified yet? No worries, just watch this.
Thank you so much for uploading and giving me nightmares!! This movie is going to blow up and the waiting gives me chills.
I mean this song goes in perfect and it fits Ultron. Robots are like string-less puppets. I'm sure you recognize the song, that's Pinocchio's song.
Pinocchio was a real puppet until he was given life then turned into a real human being, becoming free. Ultron was a AI that went rampant, and I'm guessing him acting out in this next movie will also feature him exercising his new found free will, free from the strings of his original programming Tony Stark made him with in the first place.  
I've been an Avengers fan for a while and I always thought Ultron was going to be large and evil. But this Ultron is.... just down right terrifying. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE that they went with this. I never would have thought of adding a puppeteer type theme to Ultron.
I'm sure I've given you something to think about. Also Is Civil War teased in Age of Utlron Trailes? Whose side are you on?