We caught a thirty-second glimpse of the new Iron Man III last night during Super Bowl XLVII. Watching Tony Stark navigate the sky in an attempt to save government’s elite was entertaining, but all too short! In an extended version of the preview, Ben Kingsley’s character, The Mandarin, is shown briefly, though not nearly long enough for those anxiously awaiting Kingsley’s villainous debut.

Needless to say, many fans were disappointed. But, there’s a reason why the Iron Man III Super Bowl spot was cut short. Disney paid well into the millions for that thirty-second spot. A longer spot would have cost the company a lot more. To save some dough, the extended version of the trailer was released throughout the Internet. That’s why the Super Bowl trailer included instructions to view the rest of the advertisement online.

Saving money makes sense (after all, a star-studded cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sir Ben Kingsley doesn’t come cheap) makes sense, but at what cost? Was saving money worth the fan letdown that came shortly after the thirty-second spot aired? After all the hype that surrounded the Super Bowl trailer release, fans were definitely expecting more than thirty-seconds.

Since the official launch date for the new film is still four months away, there’s a possibility that we may see some more previews for the film. With all the previews that were being aired during the Super Bowl last night, the Disney/Marvel conglomerate had to appease fans with some kind of a trailer.

While we wish that trailer were longer, the few clips that were aired weren’t disappointing (and the two-second Kingsley clip included in the extended version was brilliant!). Alongside Iron Man III, The Great and Powerful OZ; Star Trek Into Darkness; and The Lone Ranger (a bit of a surprise?) were all shown last night.

If you missed any of these previews, the Internet is chalk-full of those clips this morning. The official Iron Man site has also been updated this morning. The site now features the Super Bowl trailer and some other Iron Man III news.

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