“Why are our t-shirts priced the way they are and why do we do what we do?”

This is a question that we are asked from time to time, not often but sometimes. It’s also a question that I want to address because the answer is very important. The t-shirt marketplace is filled with price points, both lower as well as higher than ours. When I began our trademark brand “Jack of All Trades” back in 2010, I stated that we would never offer cheap t-shirts as far as quality of the product or the quality of artwork. We are and always will be looking to build a brand that people want to wear for its quality and great designs. Also we would not to go overboard with expensive t-shirts that do not offer the value that matches the price. 

We promised that we would offer the fairest priced t-shirts and keep in mind that our objective is to build a brand that people will be asking for whether at a retail store or on-line. What constitutes a “fair” price? It all goes back to our community, our neighbours, and every single worker across this Continent that still earn money from a hard day’s work. It is also in keeping with the mindset that we want our t-shirts to be available in quantities that keep them and the people wearing them unique. We also make sure our artwork is different and we use techniques that set us apart and “A Cut Above the Rest”.

A Leg for Future Generations to Stand On

You see, at “Jack of All Trades”, we believe that industry on this continent is a big part of our future. In order for our children to have a prosperous future, industry must make a strong comeback on this continent. Sure mass-market retailers and major corporations produce products that result in cheaper prices, but this does not help our economy – it is in our opinion that this is mostly damaging to our economy! We hope this will change in the future and that major corporations that were built by our fathers and mothers as well as our grandparents and great grandparents recognize that they have abandoned the very people that built them into the corporations they are now and in return the people deserve more!

Products that are produced in far-away lands do help build other country’s which is good, but there must be a balance maintained. While it increases large corporation shareholder profits it is at the expense of this continent prospering. We believe that these tactics have upset the balance as a whole. We are different…..and are hoping others will follow! 

When you buy a t-shirt from “Jack of All Trades”, you are not buying a t-shirt that was made on another continent. You are supporting this continent, and, you supporting your neighbours, friends and family. 

What you are doing is supporting local industries. This support will, in turn, secure our future in this all-important time. The economy is fragile, yes, but we can make a difference. Yes; making that difference means at times paying a higher price for a t-shirt crafted on this continent and designed and produced locally. It’s a small price to pay to support this economy, and that, my friends, is priceless. 

What Do You Get?

In turn, we offer you the guarantee of a superior quality t-shirt. Shirts that are made from American cotton, spun by American mills, and designed right here at home. Our ringspun-combed cotton is soft to the touch, allows for superior printing results, and can withstand wash after wash. 

Our detailed and colourful designs tell the story of who we really are. Who are we? Artists that use blank t-shirts as our canvas. We don’t overproduce our designs, and you won’t be able to find our designs everywhere you look. You are an individual, and that’s what we are promoting by creating limited quantities of each design. “Jack of all Trades” is also proud to give back. 

Supporting Children Through Charity

Proceeds from each product we sell go to two children's foundations: ‘The Montreal Children's Hospital’ and ‘The Children's Wish Foundation.’ 

Do We Ever Discount?

Yes! We offer numerous discounts and sale items regularly. To keep up to date with these happenings, make sure to check out our Facebook page or homepage and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to receive notices of specials, new design launches and other interesting events. We want to give you as many discounts as we possibly can, and we promise that we will always offer discounts when possible. 

Thanks For Your Support!

Are you already a “Jack of All Trades”? If so thank you! Please keep coming back! Also please tell us what you are looking for as we are interested and we will show it by responding to your request. We truly appreciate you! Haven’t tried out our shirts yet? Give us a shot. We’d love to hear your feedback!

We work hard because we love what we do. With your support, we can continue to grow our brand, our art, and our message. 

From a true “Jack of all Trades,”

Thank You!