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Marvel and John Ridley Team Up for New TV Project 0

(Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Entertainment Weekly is reporting Oscar-winning writer-producer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) has partnered up with Marvel to develop a new TV series.

Coming off the success of Daredevil, it's no surprise Marvel is looking to keep this train rolling.

What do you think of Ridley being pegged to head the direction of a new Marvel series? What storyline would you like to see come to life?




Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Leaks! 0

Thanks to the internet gods no secret is safe anymore. The heavily anticipated trailer for Batman v Superman was slated to be released in select theaters on Monday. A sneak preview allegedly from Portugal has resulted in the (un?)fortunate early release of Zack Snyder's teaser trailer. 

Runtime is only 2:05 so if you want to catch the full preview you'll want to follow this link and pray to those internet gods that there is still a seat available in your region. 


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.


Ant Man Exclusive Poster - Marvel Studios will be sharing this weekend at Comic Con 0


Today is the first day of SDCC and it is kicking off with all kinds of great news and sneak peaks of all that is to come from the world of Comics onto the big and small screens around the World. If you are there let us know what you are seeing. We want to hear about it all from Batman vs. Superman to the coming of Antman, Justice League, everything Marvel and everything DC. We also want to really know what they are going to be showing the world that will be coming to the small screens this fall. Send us pics of Robert Downey Jr., our favourite! Get all the news on Ant-Man, set to start shooting in August so we know there is going to be a lot said this weekend and hopefully the cast of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Michael Douglas as Pym who plays a scientist the level of ingenuity of Tony Stark. These are the two leading men of the movie 


Marvel's 'Avengers NOW!': Thor is female, Cap's black and Iron Man has a new suit! 0

Marvel' been cooking some big changes for Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. While Marvel Studios's preparing to reunite them in next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Comics is changing radically the look on the three most iconic Avengers.

Avengers NOW! goes way beyond the Big Three. All characters in the image above will play an important role in Marvel Universe going into 2015.

From my point of view the biggest change isn't Iron Man's new suit or Captain America black, but Thor being a female?? And by the looks, she's not messing around!

All that being said we're super excited to see them in action and expecting to hear more about them.

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The new Ms. Marvel is a Muslim Girl from New Jersey! 0

Our opinion on this is one of openness and acceptance. The one point we want to make is if you are introducing someone that will add to the Marvel Universe and her character will provide insight to a way of life that has not been covered before in this manner wouldn't it make more sense to introduce them with their own identity as opposed to a recasting of Ms. Marvel? We believe the purpose is to expand the Marvel Universe and feel the addition of a new character would have a greater positive impact! Just our thoughts! Read more from an article we found on the site FILM


Marvel and Netflix team up to bring us the future of action filled Television 0

Marvel continues their strong push to bring action to our viewing pleasure! Not only in the theatres or on their network or even on the major broadcasting networks. They are bringing it to Netflix which we consider the future of amazing programming and the future of Television!

Bob Iger the chairman and chief executive of The Walt Disney Company announced that Marvel and Netflix are launching multiple TV series.

The deal between Netflix and Disney calls for a minimum of 13 episodes each for TV shows based on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron First, followed by all four characters teaming up in The Defenders miniseries. While more seasons of the respective series are possible, Iger also acknowledged, "It’s quite possible that they could become feature films," according to Variety. There are obviously plenty of different options - everything from solo films, to having any of them join the Avengers (all have been on the team at one point), or having Cage and Iron First team up for a Heroes for Hire movie. Obviously, Marvel is doing some unprecedented things here in terms of universe building.


RDJ Hits Beijing Wearing One of Our T's! 0

We always knew that our Iron Man Stained Glass design was awesome. But, who knew that Robert Downey Junior would be wearing it? RDJ has been spotted in Beijing wearing our famed t-shirt as he touched down for his 'Iron Man' World Tour. 'Iron Man 3' was partially filmed in China, and RDJ let Beijing audiences know that he loves everything about the country. 

During a press conference, Downey Junior made jokes, tried his best at speaking Chinese, and told the audience that his "...friends back home..." know that he's a fanatic about all things Chinese -- he even munched on a long candy-colored kebab of sorts (a traditional Chinese snack) in front of an expectant audience. In short, RDJ was his usual funny self, and Chinese audiences were crazy for the actor. 

When 'Iron Man 3' officially launches in China, the Chinese version of the film will include scenes that will not be available in North America. The film also includes some well-known Chinese actors. RDJ continues his movie tour throughout the world, and will be back in North America for the North American screening of the film. 

We're loving RDJ's choice in Iron Man t-shirts -- this has to be one of our favourite designs too, and now it's iconic! You can still grab yours ... but, hurry, now that RDJ has put this t-shirt on, it's quickly flying off of our virtual shelves (and we only make a few!).