Jamie Foxx As Electro: Pics! 1

Filming smack in the middle of Times Square means lots of fan photo opportunities. And, of course, the paparazzo never misses a photo beat! This is exactly what went down in NYC last night on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' 

Fans and photographers alike snapped pictures of a very blue Jamie Foxx. The actor was dressed in Electro gear sporting a blue face, blue eyes, and a hoodie that we're not sure was actually part of the costume. 

It had earlier been reported that Foxx would get a costume, and it looks like his wardrobe is all ready to go. We have to say -- these pics are, well, amazing! Take a look below.

Two Versions of Iron Man 3 To Be Released 0

Listen up Iron Man 3 collectors and serious fans: two versions of the upcoming film will officially be released. A Chinese version of the film will appear in addition to the version showcased throughout the rest of the world. What's different about the Chinese version? 

The Chinese version will include a cameo appearance by one of China's top actresses, Fan Bingbing; and the Chinese film will include footage that's specifically catering to Chinese audiences. Otherwise, the film stays almost the same. 

Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, is set to appear in both films, and both films also include scenery from across China. Marvel has told press that working in China has been a great experience, and the company plans to shoot in China again in the future. 

There's no word as to when the Chinese version of the film will be released (or if this version will be available on DVD throughout North America), but it's bound to be a highly sought after collector's item. Why so much emphasis on an extended version of the Chinese film? 

There are a few good reasons why China is getting a different version of Iron Man 3. The first is that the Chinese market is a massive one, and Marvel makes a lot of its coin from merchandise. Billions of Chinese buyers can’t be a bad thing – buyers that believe this was made specifically for them. 

Second, American film companies want to film in China again, and this can only happen if the Chinese government is happy with what went on the last time around. 

The additional scenes that will be added to the film will likely be pro-China, but will be interesting to see all the same (if North Americans have access to the film, that is).


Captain Canuck Is Moving On Up! 1

Great news, Canada! Smiley Guy Studios is currently producing a five-episode Captain Canuck web animation series -- but that's not all. Canada's favourite superhero will soon be gracing the big screen as well. 

Minds Eye Entertainment purchased the rights to Captain Canuck back in 2011. Reportedly, the film is under development, though no cast members have been announced. Meanwhile, the five-part miniseries leading up to the film is well underway. 

Lost Girl's Kris Holden Reid will be the voice behind the masked Canadian crusader. Also cast as part of the miniseries is Paul Amos (Warehouse 13) who will voice the part of Mr. Gold. Not familiar with Captain Canuck? Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect.

Captain Canuck was originally developed in 1975 by Richard Comely and George Freeman. During the '70s, Comely and Freeman imagined a futuristic world set in 1993 where Canada had become the "most powerful country in the world." 

Patrolling that powerful and corrupt world is Captain Canuck -- a masked member of the 'Canadian International Security Organization.' Captain Canuck's arch enemy is Mr.Gold, the leader of a biker gang based in British Columbia called the "Unholy Avengers." 

Captain Canuck dons a skin-tight red and white costume and has a mask that proudly displays a maple leaf. The miniseries has been adapted by Kalman Androsofsky (Toronto graphic artist) who is brining Captain Canuck into the current age. 

There's no word yet on who will play the part of the Canadian superhero in the upcoming film, or when that film will be released. 

Jack of all Trades was the proud producer of the first two T-shirt designs that are now available at Big B Comics two locations Hamilton and Niagara Falls in Beautiful Ontario Canada. 


The Dawn of the Pakistani Superhero 0

It’s not everyday that you hear of a superhero film from Pakistan. That’s exactly why the latest film to come from Pakistan is so intriguing. From producer Aamir Sajjad comes the new movie ‘Nation Awakes.’ This superhero film features a superhero named “Pakistan” who grows up with foster parents – those are the only details that Sajjad had disclosed thus far. 

Sajjad is an avid comic book fan. He owns an extensive collection of comic books and items from movies such as Iron Man. He also thinks it’s about time that Pakistan learns about the realm of superheroes. Right now, there isn’t much of a superhero culture in Pakistan, but Sajjad is looking to change that. 

Sajjad is planning a comic-con type event in June that will mark the official launch of his project. The event will include movie details as well as “comic-related” items. Not only is Sajjad producing the movie, ‘Nation Awakes,’ he will also be starring in the film. He doesn’t have any real acting experience, but he claims that his knowledge of superhero comics and movies is more than enough to entice Pakistani viewers. He also hopes that this film will spark a general interest in comics with Pakistani audiences. 

‘Nation Awakes’ is an international movie that will be filmed in twelve different countries. The film will mostly be in English with some Urdu dialogue (subtitles available). Since most of the movies coming from Pakistan are of the love and drama sort, it will be interesting to see if Sajjad succeeds in his quest to “…develop an adequate pop culture in Pakistan that respects comics.” Take a look at the ‘Nation Awakes’ movie poster below.





News! X-Men Filming In Montreal! 0

Montreal is home to the famed Schwartz’s Smoked Meat; remnants from Expo ’67; and Jack of All Trades Clothing (of course!). It’s also home to something that Hollywood can’t get enough of: Mel’s Cite du Cinema (or Mel’s Studio). 

Many excellent films have been shot at Mel’s including: ‘Immortals,’ ‘300,’ and ‘Confession of a Dangerous Mind.’ Now, Bryan Singer and his crew will be heading to Montreal to film the upcoming ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ 

During a recent interview in London, Singer told press that he will begin shooting the new X-Men film on April 15th. Along with Singer, many Hollywood stars will begin crowding Montreal’s lively streets including recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.


The X-Men franchise can’t get enough of Canada, it seems. Past X-Men films have been shot on location in Ontario and British Columbia, and now it’s Montreal’s turn. If we could say one thing to those stars headed to our great city, it’s this: pick up a Jack of All Trades t-shirt or two! 

Mel’s has a reputation for keeping press off of studio grounds and keeping things well under wraps, but we can’t help but wonder if we’ll catch a glimpse of any famous X-Men faces this spring! We’ll keep you posted as the stars descend on Montreal’s vibrant streets.