Modern Lois Lane Is No Damsel In Distress! 1

Now that all the hype from 'Iron Man 3' and the new 'Star Trek' has worn off (slightly), we can turn our attention to future films. Next up is 'Man of Steel,' but rather than focus more on Cavill's character, let's discuss the modern role that Amy Adams will play. 

Ever since Adams was first cast as Lois Lane, she's received a fair amount of criticism. Some felt that she wasn't a good fit for the sexy Lois Lane, and others feel that she's the perfect fit. No matter what side of the fence you're on, you can expect this year's Lois to be a completely different kind of woman -- a thoroughly modern one, in fact. 

Right in line with current mantras like "Strong Is the New Skinny" and "Female Power," the newest Lois Lane isn't a damsel in distress by any stretch of the imagination. 'US Weekly' recently interviewed Adams to see what her role was all about - you may find yourself a tad bit surprised. 

US Weekly tells us that the new Lois Lane "prefers business casual, is cell obsessed, and fights with her boss." Today's Lois Lane is social media savvy and comes with all the perks of being a modern day journalist (laptop, smartphone, and practical clothing included). 

First look pics show Adams dressed in winter hats, pants, and baggy jackets. The days of Lois Lane in pencil skirts and heels are long gone, it seems. US weekly bills her as a "modern day business woman," and that certainly doesn't include any red lipstick or too-tight blazers.

Adams has entirely revamped the role of Lois Lane to fit today's woman, but some fans aren't thrilled about this modern twist. Then again, it's not necessarily all about male viewers - plenty of females will flock to theatres to see the new 'Man of Steel,' and those females want to see an empowered woman...not a flailing female. 

How do you feel about the new Lois Lane? Take a look at the pics below and let us know what you think! 


First Iron Man Imax 3D Reviews Are Officially In 1

‘Iron Man 3’ debuted in some countries this past week, but sites and blogs that sent spies to check out the film were largely banned from reporting any news until now. Those reviewers are now letting loose. From the reviews posted thus far, it’s clear that this new ‘Iron Man’ isn’t going to be the nitty-gritty sort of film that dances along the thin line of the macabre. 

Then again, ‘Iron Man’ was never a ‘Dark Knight’ kind of film, so we weren’t really expecting something dark and gloomy. We have to wonder, though, if this film is playing far too much on the comedic side of things. Given the reviews posted today, it definitely seems as though RDJ’s character is stocked full of one-liners, and some reviewers feel that this detracts from the movie as a whole. We don’t think this will be the case as Stark’s humor is something that adds to the Iron Man Movie franchise.

What you can expect (based on current reviews) is a lot of tension between Stark and Potts, The Mandarin interfering where he can (of course), and a lot of shots featuring Stark tinkering away on various suits in his workshop. Reviewers thus far are calling the new film a lighthearted superhero comedy, so don’t expect to be terrorized. 

That said, ‘Iron Man 3’ (in all its lighthearted glory) is a great way to kick off the summertime superhero movie season. Why start the season with something gory, when you can just kick back and watch Stark do what he does best? Make those around him laugh, have a few flashbacks, and continue the snide and snarky character that he’s spent a lot of time building – and that we all love. 

The film is going to debut in our neck of the woods (and across North America) on May 3rd – that’s just a few days away. Stay tuned for our take on the film! 

The Dawn of the Pakistani Superhero 0

It’s not everyday that you hear of a superhero film from Pakistan. That’s exactly why the latest film to come from Pakistan is so intriguing. From producer Aamir Sajjad comes the new movie ‘Nation Awakes.’ This superhero film features a superhero named “Pakistan” who grows up with foster parents – those are the only details that Sajjad had disclosed thus far. 

Sajjad is an avid comic book fan. He owns an extensive collection of comic books and items from movies such as Iron Man. He also thinks it’s about time that Pakistan learns about the realm of superheroes. Right now, there isn’t much of a superhero culture in Pakistan, but Sajjad is looking to change that. 

Sajjad is planning a comic-con type event in June that will mark the official launch of his project. The event will include movie details as well as “comic-related” items. Not only is Sajjad producing the movie, ‘Nation Awakes,’ he will also be starring in the film. He doesn’t have any real acting experience, but he claims that his knowledge of superhero comics and movies is more than enough to entice Pakistani viewers. He also hopes that this film will spark a general interest in comics with Pakistani audiences. 

‘Nation Awakes’ is an international movie that will be filmed in twelve different countries. The film will mostly be in English with some Urdu dialogue (subtitles available). Since most of the movies coming from Pakistan are of the love and drama sort, it will be interesting to see if Sajjad succeeds in his quest to “…develop an adequate pop culture in Pakistan that respects comics.” Take a look at the ‘Nation Awakes’ movie poster below.