Zack Snyder Releases HD Teaser 4

BIG news hit this past week. There was a handycam leak of the first full length trailer for the heavily anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice flick. Zack Snyder stuck it to the video uploaders and their questionable camera skills by launching the full HD version for our viewing pleasure. We're completely captivated by the showdown between these two heroes. What an interesting standoff between two forces fighting for similar goals.

So I suppose the question is Nature vs. Nurture. Is the force that shall prevail one of God given power? Or is the drive of one victim and the vengeance he seeks the unbeatable force? Or will these heroes come together in the name of justice?


Find out March 23, 2016


Who would win? Batman VS Darth Vader [VIDEO] 5

Batman and Darth Vader we're featured in Super Power Beat Down new episode and they say this one is the best one so far.

Storyline: Batman travels to Death Star to save Superman, who was captured. Darth Vader appears, they meet and fight.

The episode was directed by none other than Aaron Schoenke from batinthesun. Super Power Beat Down is a Batinthesun production, a web series in which 2 super powered icons battle.

I won't say which one won in this one. All I can say is: Damn it Batman!

Seeing the Signs 0

When Zack Synder referenced the Wayne Enterprise logo on the satellite last month it was not the only Easter egg to get Batman Fans going. Recently in an interview Snyder referred to another Batman reference that we are sure many Batman fans missed.

Remember when Zod was tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there was a “Be Calm and Call Batman” sign on the wall really small just big enough to see it. When you are watching it again at the theatres or at home take a closer look. You may have to stop the film to see it but it is there. It’s really cool to see Batman references in the movie and better yet that Zack Snyder allowed them to stay in the movie after the final cut of Man of Steel.

Is this a sign that Warner Bros. is setting up a universe where both Batman and Superman will exist together? We can certainly hope that will be the case.


Are Charles Roven and Zack Snyder Reading Your Comments? 0

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, 'Man of Steel' producer, Charles Roven, mentioned that he's reading fan comments related to a potential Superman sequel. If this doesn't send chills down your spine, maybe the actual quote will: 

"I think you can go anywhere beyond this film that the mind can take you, and certainly we’ve been reading online all of the various possibilities being laid out there by both fan sites and fans." 

Roven doesn't say who "we" is, but WE can guess that he's talking about Zack Snyder. That means that Zack Snyder and Charles Roven want to know what you think about the direction of future films. Haven't commented yet? You might want to do that. 

There were some other interesting bits in the SFX Magazine interview too. When asked about the upcoming 'Man of Steel' film, Roven confirmed that we can expect it to be as grounded as the previews make it seem. 

"As he [Snyder] said, this is the most realistic film, even though it’s about a superhero, that he’s ever shot. His whole style, everything that we did, was designed to bring that to the fore."

You can expect less of a fantastical movie and more of a look into the actual life of Superman. This movie isn't going to be of the usual superhero sort with the fresh spin that Snyder is putting on it – and that’s going to be a great thing. 

We're excited to see this film - and to see whether or not Roven and Snyder pick up any of our comments (or YOUR comments) and run with them the next time around! Got any fresh ideas? Make sure to let your voice be heard! 


Modern Lois Lane Is No Damsel In Distress! 1

Now that all the hype from 'Iron Man 3' and the new 'Star Trek' has worn off (slightly), we can turn our attention to future films. Next up is 'Man of Steel,' but rather than focus more on Cavill's character, let's discuss the modern role that Amy Adams will play. 

Ever since Adams was first cast as Lois Lane, she's received a fair amount of criticism. Some felt that she wasn't a good fit for the sexy Lois Lane, and others feel that she's the perfect fit. No matter what side of the fence you're on, you can expect this year's Lois to be a completely different kind of woman -- a thoroughly modern one, in fact. 

Right in line with current mantras like "Strong Is the New Skinny" and "Female Power," the newest Lois Lane isn't a damsel in distress by any stretch of the imagination. 'US Weekly' recently interviewed Adams to see what her role was all about - you may find yourself a tad bit surprised. 

US Weekly tells us that the new Lois Lane "prefers business casual, is cell obsessed, and fights with her boss." Today's Lois Lane is social media savvy and comes with all the perks of being a modern day journalist (laptop, smartphone, and practical clothing included). 

First look pics show Adams dressed in winter hats, pants, and baggy jackets. The days of Lois Lane in pencil skirts and heels are long gone, it seems. US weekly bills her as a "modern day business woman," and that certainly doesn't include any red lipstick or too-tight blazers.

Adams has entirely revamped the role of Lois Lane to fit today's woman, but some fans aren't thrilled about this modern twist. Then again, it's not necessarily all about male viewers - plenty of females will flock to theatres to see the new 'Man of Steel,' and those females want to see an empowered woman...not a flailing female. 

How do you feel about the new Lois Lane? Take a look at the pics below and let us know what you think! 


Intriguing Message From General Zod Surfaces! 0

Warner Brothers is finally psyching crowds up for 'Man of Steel.' So far, we've heard that this film will focus mostly on Kal-El's psyche, his life struggles, and his past -- a lot of mushy stuff that left some fans wondering whether or not this film would be a letdown.

Now, the film has taken a different turn. One that is both surprising and welcomed. The latest 'Man of Steel' clip to be released by Warner Brothers will definitely rile up the Superman crowd.

This video doesn't show clips from the movie or psychoanalysis of Superman's life. Instead, it is a static-filled message from General Zod. The message is directed to Kal-El and to the citizens of Earth. It goes something like this:

"for some time your world has sheltered one of my citizens...return this individual to my custody. To Kal-El, I say this: surrender within 24-hours or watch this world suffer."

Note the lack of punctuation following that last bit? That's because Zod states this threat in a completely monotonous and serious tone, making the clip all the more exciting. This video is brilliantly done, completely unique, and -- most importantly -- fun.

The video also features some letters through the black and white static that would be hard to decipher were it not for some clever hackers over at 'Comic Book News.' The alien letters state "I Will Find Him," and also form the word "SHIELD" as noted by a Comic Book Movie commenter.

If you haven't seen this video clip yet (released via YouTube), make sure to take a look. This is definitely not the touchy-feely type of clip that we've seen surrounding 'Man of Steel' so far. There's also news this morning that a new trailer will be released within 48-hours. Our spines are tingling!

Move Over, Superman, Other Characters Enter Kal-El's World 0

'The Dark Knight' rises was the 11th film of all time to gross over $1 Billion. That's a lot of coin for the Warner Brothers studio. There's money to be made in superhero films, no doubt. But, can money be made with a film that doesn't follow the usual macabre style that made 'The Dark Knight' so great? 

Enter 'Man of Steel.' What do we know about this film so far? Mostly that it will focus on the beginnings of a young Kal-El, struggles that he faces with who he is (and who he wants to become), and we will also be privy to some information about his home planet, Krypton. 

This is definitely not the same kind of film that made 'The Dark Knight' so great, but WB President Jeff Robinov has something else in mind altogether -- something that might bring the studio 'Dark Knight' kind of cash. 

Robinov told Entertainment Weekly that the new 'Man of Steel' film will set the tone "...for what the movies are going to be like going forward... to really introduce other characters into the same world." 


Are you putting two and two together yet? 'Man of Steel' will be a jumping off point for other characters that will enter Superman's world. What kinds of characters? Maybe Wonder Woman, possibly some Gotham characters, and maybe some characters from Central City? 

While Robinov affirmed outright that new characters would be stealing some of Superman's limelight, 'Man of Steel' screenwriter, David Goyer, wasn't so direct on the topic. Don't you hate it when studio presidents say things they aren't supposed to, David? 

When asked about additional characters, Goyer had this to say: "I would love to tell you yes or no, but I think it’s going to be more exciting for people to keep a beady eye out and find what they can find." 

Ah, spoken like a true fan. From Goyer's perspective, it will be an Easter egg hunt, for sure. Make sure to keep your "beady" eyes on the lookout for any characters that might pop up in future films during the debut of 'Man of Steel.' Speculations? 



New 'Man Of Steel' TV Trailer 0

You know it's going to rock. With Henry Cavill stepping into the Superman suit, how could 'Man Of Steel' not be completely amazing? We already knew that the latest Superman movie would focus more on Kal-El's own identity, but the newest TV trailer takes it one step further. 

In the trailer, we see Superman asking himself all kinds of questions about his identity, where he comes from, and what his purpose is. The new film taps deep into Superman's psyche, and we might just discover a new thing or two about him. 

So far, the 'Man of Steel' previews have been on the serious side, and the latest preview follows that theme. In stark contrast to a film like 'Iron Man 3,' the newest Superman film will include more mystery and less lightheartedness -- pretty deep stuff! 

We also heard that there’s a new ‘Man of Steel’ movie trailer coming out soon. The ‘Man of Steel’ trailer #3 will feature more shots of Superman’s past (we might even see a young Clark Kent working various jobs in order to hide his identity), and a few more pictures of General Zod should be included. The music in the trailers is also said to be exclusive to the previews, and may not show up in the film. 

In case you missed the preview, you can check out what I'm talking about below. The preview aired a couple of days ago, and it's still being widely talked about on comic book forums across the Internet. After watching the trailer, you'll understand why! Take a look.