New Upcoming Movies 2014 0

Transformers: Age of Extinction - 27 June 2014

Set five years after Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction sets out to continue the franchise, taking a new path in more than one way.

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Earth to Echo - 2nd July 2014

We got in for an early screening of this movie, not knowing quite what it would be, just that it had kids and a cute little alien.

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Guardians of the Galaxy - 1st August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 8 August 2014

Four mutant warriors fight to save their city from an evil kingpin.

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Thor The Dark World 0

Who is not anticipating this Movie? At this point we are hoping that if Marvel is going to do an action movie and a love story they are going to get it right before we move into the next collection of Marvel Movies slated for 2014. This one may be the one that has the winning formula that will please the audiences and hopefully the hard core fan who has been, let's say a little more than disturbed about the last few movies, where a few too many liberties were taken from the original essence of how the hard core fan believed things should have gone. Anyway we digress the point of this is Thor and the new trailer that seems to have received a positive reaction for those we have spoken with that have seen it. Here's to hoping that the year ends on a positive Movie note with audiences pleased everywhere! Also remember membership has it's privileges so join our Weekly Jack Newsletter and you can be taking advantage of this weeks discounts on all Thor gear right here on our site! 

Captain Canuck Is Moving On Up! 1

Great news, Canada! Smiley Guy Studios is currently producing a five-episode Captain Canuck web animation series -- but that's not all. Canada's favourite superhero will soon be gracing the big screen as well. 

Minds Eye Entertainment purchased the rights to Captain Canuck back in 2011. Reportedly, the film is under development, though no cast members have been announced. Meanwhile, the five-part miniseries leading up to the film is well underway. 

Lost Girl's Kris Holden Reid will be the voice behind the masked Canadian crusader. Also cast as part of the miniseries is Paul Amos (Warehouse 13) who will voice the part of Mr. Gold. Not familiar with Captain Canuck? Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect.

Captain Canuck was originally developed in 1975 by Richard Comely and George Freeman. During the '70s, Comely and Freeman imagined a futuristic world set in 1993 where Canada had become the "most powerful country in the world." 

Patrolling that powerful and corrupt world is Captain Canuck -- a masked member of the 'Canadian International Security Organization.' Captain Canuck's arch enemy is Mr.Gold, the leader of a biker gang based in British Columbia called the "Unholy Avengers." 

Captain Canuck dons a skin-tight red and white costume and has a mask that proudly displays a maple leaf. The miniseries has been adapted by Kalman Androsofsky (Toronto graphic artist) who is brining Captain Canuck into the current age. 

There's no word yet on who will play the part of the Canadian superhero in the upcoming film, or when that film will be released. 

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