So here's the deal: A hacker known by 4 Chan posted some nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, you definitely've seen her movies: Hunger Games and X-Men. You've seen her perform recently in X-Men: Days of Future Past as Mystique. Once the images leaked you've seen them on all celebrities gossip blogs, including on Perez Hilton, who was one of the first to post them live.

Eventually, Perez said he is sorry for what he did and he "acted in haste just to get the post up and didn't really think things through".

Not as sorry as he will be once Law's lawyers are done with him, am I right? Lawyers can't do anything outside of try to bankrupt him. That's the beauty of being "The Press": you can post illegally gotten docs as long as you are not the source.

Lucky he, he wasn't the one who leaked them, but I bet he wishes that!

The leaked images are nowhere to be found, now that she announced that whoever posts them again will be prosecuted.

What about privacy next time guys?