Our Special Tribute Limited Edition Series blow out of our store at 50% off. When you offer out an amazing product people do buy it at regular price but when you promote it at half off you sell out. We only produced 500 of each of the limited edition Premium Tees and they sold well and then we took the balances and offered them out at 50% off and there are now none left after a 2 week promotion. Keep watching what we do as our product is amazing and are promotions are meant to get you the most amazing stuff at great prices. The only reason we promoted these tees was to make room for a new collection coming soon.

Music LegendsThe Premium Tribute series included Music legends such as Hendrix, Bowie and Rush with most of the collection listing tour dates from years ago recreated and printed on the backs of the tees with each T-shirt having a tribute print on the inside.

Our Car Series featured Corvette, GTO and The Firebird notable favorites of all car enthusiasts. We paySuper Hero T-Shirts Homage to the great GM machine with a special print on the inside of every tee. These were a collection of tees that are worn proudly.

Our Superheroes selection featured the most recognized icons in the world with a little creative twist adding in our special ink called asphalt to enhance the look of the designs both on the fronts and the back of the tees. We also had a 1st issue comic cover series featuring Batman, Superman, Spiderman how they were first introduced to all the comic book fanatics of yester years and of today.