If Martin Goodman, the man that launched the company that would later become Marvel Comics, would have stuck with his original traveling plans in 1927, Marvel would have never existed. That year Martin was on his honeymoon in Europe with his wife.

For the return in the US, Martin had plans to ride the exciting new Hinderburg airship, but he was late to buy tickets and we couldn't get 2 seats next to each other, so he and his wife took a plane instead. The crazy thing is, the Hindenburg airship crashed killing 35 people on board. Martin Goodman however made it back from his honeymoon and went on to found Timely Comics later that year, which became Atlas Comics in 1951 and finally Marvel Comics in 1961.

Source: Variant Comics


All that being said, thank God Martin didn't get on the Hidenburg.

Our lives are so much better now that Marvel Comics do exist. But, for the sake of the subject, what would you have done IF they would have never existed?