After a ground breaking Season 1, The Flash is back and better than ever for Season 2 on October 6th, 2015. If you've been following the news, you've heard the exciting announcements of some of our favorite heroes and villains coming from the comic book world, to the live action "Arrowverse".

The best thing we've seen so far is this EPIC Season 2 Trailer. Check it out below and then we'll break it down so we can all be prepared for the season premiere!

Ok, that was a lot to take in! But let's break it down:


1. Obviously The Flash is talking to a mystery person who wanted to kill him. And apparently, "Zoom" told him to. And if he did kill The Flash, he could go back to his time.

2. There's a crazy looking guy that seems to be moving as fast as our scarlet speedster.

3. Jay Garrick (The original Flash) makes his debut! And apparently has a lot of information about the mysterious "Zoom".

4. Cisco makes it clear that the whole team will know about the existence of other universes. (More speedsters! Yay!)

5. When Flash traveled through time in the Season 1 Finale, he created a portal for other people in those alternate universes to travel through. (Uh oh.)

6. Atom Smasher makes his debut. (I can't wait to see his growing powers in action!)

7. New love interest! A police woman named Patty Spivot! She seems super brave and is very easy on the eyes. (Go Barry!)

8. Detective Joe West gets his hands dirty and blasts the Atom Smasher with some type of explosive. (I bet Cisco made it.)

9. Captain Cold's sister keeps flirting with our boy Cisco, but he comes right back at her with a brag about his Nerf collection. (I would like to see that)

10. Central City loves The Flash! You can see they're celebrating "Flash Day". Are we a step closer to The Flash Museum?

11. The Flash gets a Bat-er-I mean, Flash signal! 

12. The mystery guy who tried to kill The Flash in the beginning (could it be The Atom Smasher?) lets us know it's "Showtime". 


And it really IS almost showtime! In about two weeks we'll be able to watch our favorite speedster back in action along with the Star Labs Team. I can't wait! 

To get ready for the premiere, stock up on all of your favorite Flash shirts from Jack of All Trades! You can bet I'm ordering some right now and I'll be wearing one of the shirts as I watch the Season 2 Premiere of The Flash. 

And stay tuned for more blogs about all things nerdy by Colin K. Bass. Thanks for reading!