If you haven’t yet heard of Zane Fix then fix your eyes on this. He is the ultimate authority in Japanese Pop Art. Brooklyn born, Zane Fix blends both the intensity and simplicity of Japanese woodblock prints with the pop sensibility of early and mid 20th century Western pop and commercial art.

His artwork is just as unique and eccentric as the man himself. You are going to be blown away by his original pieces that combine celebrity beautification with eastern and Japanese Kabuki traditions.

 Zane has taken his creativity to the next level and created a special limited edition Zane Fix collection for Jack of All Trades. These super soft and comfortable tees are visual masterpieces, wearable works of art, that you need in your wardrobe.

Mr. Fix’s work has been showcased in numerous art galleries throughout New York like the famous Stray Kat Gallery, he has also been interviewed for top publications like New York Magazine, Interview Magazine, Time Out New York and many more.

Check out the entire Zane Fix Collection here: http://www.jackofalltradesclothing.com/collections/men/collections_zane-fix

Read more about Zane Fix and his Jap Pop Art creations here: http://www.jappopart.com/