Celebrity Watch

Yes, that is Robert Downey Jr. wearing an amazing limited edition Iron Man Tee at the WIT Awards in the UK recently. He is seen wearing his Marvel alter-ego on his chest to a Writers in Treatment event in LA. Our bestselling limited edition Iron Man T-shirt is still available in our shop. Made in Canada, available everywhere.

Star Wars News

Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo in the upcoming ‘Star Wars Episode VII.’ The news was broken this morning by none other than El Mayimbe of Latino Review. Ford may not be the only former Star Wars star to return to the franchise. Carrie Fisher, Frank Oz, and Ewan McGregor have all told press that they would be interested in reprising old roles.

Last week, news that Disney would be creating Star Wars spin-offs was posted. This week, we’re wondering if some of the old Star Wars cast might be featured in some of those films. It would be intense to see Carrie Fisher return as Princess Leia and follow Ford’s travels as Han Solo. Even though there have been mixed feelings about the upcoming Disney spin-offs, bringing back some of the old cast may change some of those negative viewpoints.

Man of Steel News

Itching to see the new Superman? Eagerly devouring everything that’s released about the film? A new interview with Henry Cavill featured in ‘Total Film Magazine’ adds some insight into the new film. Cavill talks about what it’s like to put on the Superman suit, what really goes on in Superman’s mind, and what the film will have in store for fans.

Super Clyde

What the heck is Super Clyde? ‘Super Clyde’ is an upcoming CBS superhero show starring Rupert Grint – otherwise known as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films. Sources say that Grint will play an agoraphobic superhero. Could CBS be looking to cash in on the slew of upcoming superhero movies? The show will debut next fall following this summer’s blockbusters.

‘The Golden Age of DC Comics’

A new book titled ‘The Golden Age of DC Comics’ will be one for the collector in you. This book will chronicle all of the best DC Comics going all the way back to 1935 and continuing through 1956. If you’ve ever wondered where the idea for Batman came from or what Wonder Woman originally looked like, this is the book for you.