We always knew that our Iron Man Stained Glass design was awesome. But, who knew that Robert Downey Junior would be wearing it? RDJ has been spotted in Beijing wearing our famed t-shirt as he touched down for his 'Iron Man' World Tour. 'Iron Man 3' was partially filmed in China, and RDJ let Beijing audiences know that he loves everything about the country. 

During a press conference, Downey Junior made jokes, tried his best at speaking Chinese, and told the audience that his "...friends back home..." know that he's a fanatic about all things Chinese -- he even munched on a long candy-colored kebab of sorts (a traditional Chinese snack) in front of an expectant audience. In short, RDJ was his usual funny self, and Chinese audiences were crazy for the actor. 

When 'Iron Man 3' officially launches in China, the Chinese version of the film will include scenes that will not be available in North America. The film also includes some well-known Chinese actors. RDJ continues his movie tour throughout the world, and will be back in North America for the North American screening of the film. 

We're loving RDJ's choice in Iron Man t-shirts -- this has to be one of our favourite designs too, and now it's iconic! You can still grab yours ... but, hurry, now that RDJ has put this t-shirt on, it's quickly flying off of our virtual shelves (and we only make a few!).